Prank Your Friend’s Car, With Cheeky Bumper Magnets

I’m not British so I don’t know why I’m saying “cheeky,” I suppose I’ve always wanted to. Anyway, thanks to Grouchy Muffin for alerting me to the fact that there’s a guy selling hilarious stickers, err magnets, on eBay.

They convey very particular messages such as “I love my big fake boobs,” and “I love group sex” or the more broad “warning: I’m retarded” and “homewrecker.”

I actually do remember wanting to paste rainbow stickers onto every hick and jock’s car at my close-minded cow pie school, but I either didn’t have the guts or couldn’t find enough stickers. This guy coulda helped me out back then. He even poses with the stickers, pointing and grinning like a poor-lady’s Jake Gyllengosling.

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