Canadian Mayor Says He Has ‘More Than Enough’ P*ssy to Eat at Home

Rob Ford mayor wifeMarried trainwreck mayor of Toronto Rob Ford stood in front of a room full of press yesterday to deny a whole mess of things, including telling one of his staff members that he wanted to eat her out.

Ford, a notorious partier and admitted crack user said, “I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home. Thank you very much.”

This kind of thing would never fly in America, but if I had to compare his attitude to two people I’d go with Rex Ryan and Vladimir Putin. Amount of f*cks given: 0.0.

Los Angeles Police Say it’s Safe to Drink a Liquified Dead Body

Cecil Hotel corpseRemember that movie about the family that moves into the apartment building, and as soon as they go to brush their teeth all these ghosts fly out of the faucet? And the ghosts are like “You should move.”

Then you learn that the dead body of a young girl was floating in the water tank the whole time? It was called Dark Water…

Well, police would like you to believe that drinking corpse water is completely safe.

Last week, workers at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles discovered the body of a Canadian woman at the bottom of one of the building’s water tanks after guests complained to the front desk about poor water pressure. Continue reading “Los Angeles Police Say it’s Safe to Drink a Liquified Dead Body”

Like Jodie Foster, ‘Argo’ Actor Victor Garber is a Longtime Gay

Victor Garber boyfriendCharming salt and pepper-headed Canadian actor Victor Garber (left) of Titanic and Argo fame told a determined reporter at the Television Critics Association press tour in California that he is in fact gay.

“I don’t really talk about it, but everybody knows,” he responded after the journalist asked him about the man Wikipedia has rightly listed as his boyfriend.

The partner in question is bearded hunk Rainer Andreesen, a former model and current artist who has been at Garber’s side for 14 years.  Continue reading “Like Jodie Foster, ‘Argo’ Actor Victor Garber is a Longtime Gay”

Justin Bieber Puts on His Best Overalls For the Canadian Prime Minister

On Friday Justin Bieber accepted a Diamond Jubilee Medal from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, given to citizens who have significantly contributed to society, wearing half-buttoned overalls.

The award was handed out to 60,000 people this year, mostly to non-famous community leaders, though it can be bestowed up those who bring “credit to Canada” due to their achievements abroad.

I’m sure he’s involved in some kind of charity, and he is the most recognizable Canadian, though not the sexiest (Gosling, Reynolds, Cuthbert, Kirshner), in existence, so I guess he deserves it?

Continue reading “Justin Bieber Puts on His Best Overalls For the Canadian Prime Minister”

To The People Who Bullied Amanda Todd…

Police were called to the home of 15-year-old Amanda Todd on October 10 after she committed suicide in her home in British Columbia.

A month before her death she posted a video called “My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm,” and it is basically a list of reasons why she took her life.

In 7th grade Todd sought attention on webcam chats. One man who the police are currently searching for coerced her into flashing him. When she refused to do more he sent a screenshot of her chest to her family and friends which, on top of some of the usual impulsive decisions most teens make (sleeping with a boy who had a girlfriend), led to her being bullied at school.  Continue reading “To The People Who Bullied Amanda Todd…”

Canadian leftovers: Chad Kroeger to wed Avril Lavigne

Former cockerspaniel and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger 37, proposed to Brody Jenner-banger Avril Lavigne, 27. The two have been quietly dating for six months and Lavigne’s people broke the news to old person-gossip bible, People magazine.

The pair got together in February this year to co-write a song for Lavigne’s fifth studio album.

This odd match comes as a shock to most Canadians due to the similarities between the two artists: both Nickelback and Avril Lavigne enjoyed years of early success with strings of number one irritating singles like “This is how your remind me” and “Sk8er boy”. That is until Canadians sobered up from their potent home brew and realized their music was terrible, but they continued success inside and outside of Canada with Avril touring in Asia this year.  Continue reading “Canadian leftovers: Chad Kroeger to wed Avril Lavigne”

Get Ready Canada, Real Housewives Are Invading

“Vancouver is a goldmine, and I love to go digging” says real housewife and self-proclaimed “mumpreneur” Jody Claman in a sneak peak for a new branch of the reality series.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is in fact the third installment to not be set in America (Athens and Israel preceded) and it is unknown at this time if the show will eventually air on Bravo. For now only the Canadian cable channel Slice will have the honor of its debut on April 4.

Previous incarnations have included the popular Real Housewives of Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C., Beverly Hills and Miami. Australian and British versions are on the rumored horizon.  Continue reading “Get Ready Canada, Real Housewives Are Invading”

Funny Video: “Batman’s Night Out”

Watch what happens when “Batman” uses his scary Christian Bale voice to frighten urban Canadians in various locations. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has never been put to better use, well, except in Death Metal Friday.

It was brilliantly pointed out on Attack Of The Show that this Batman’s parents would never have died because of the grade A health care up there.  Continue reading “Funny Video: “Batman’s Night Out””

‘Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen’ Comes to U.S. Food Network

31 year-old Nadia Giosia, playfully nicknamed “Nadia G,” made her American debut on the Food Network, November 2nd. She is being called the “Julia Child of the net generation” for her charismatically spunky and loud persona.

When you first see the promo for the second season of Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen you wonder if MADtv is making a comeback, or if SNL has begun advertising on other channels.

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