Eric Andre Exposes Himself on National Television

Eric Andre Attack of the show Don’t Trust The B— In Apt 23 actor Eric André is here to completely shatter Tracy Morgan’s reputation as the most unpredictable talk show guest in history. On December 5, André visited G4’s soon-to-be-off-the-air tech program Attack of the Show to sort of talk about acting.

The interview was conducted by his longtime friend, Michael Kosta, who brought up André almost getting banned from Instagram because of his affinity for… tucking it back.  Continue reading “Eric Andre Exposes Himself on National Television”

Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Talks Cleavage Signing, Demonstrates

Candace Bailey‘s sweet-as-pie Southern attitude combined with the willingness to do anything for good TV might make up for the recent loss of Kevin Pereira and his lightning-quick wit on Attack Of The Show.

Case and point, an interview with Evil Dead/Army Of Darkness legend Bruce Campbell.

The chainsaw-armed man dropped by AOTS, talking about Burn Notice, people naming their kids “Ash,” and the female fans.

Bailey: I hear you have lots of women coming up to you asking for autographs?
Campbell: The ladies have started to step up a little since Burn Notice has come along, and so you’ve got to manage that as a signable asset…  Continue reading “Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Talks Cleavage Signing, Demonstrates”

Michael Kenneth Williams Teaches Candace Bailey To Dance

Thursday on Attack Of The Show, Michael Kenneth Williams formerly “Omar” on The Wire came on the show to talk about his character on the second season of Boardwalk Empire and also to teach host Candace Bailey his dance moves.

I know it doesn’t SOUND like a big deal, but it was actually extremely cute watching the two busting out their moves.

Candace with her white girl monkey arms (I suffer from the same affliction) and Williams, 44 years-old and as youthful as ever.

Williams described himself as a former “club kid” of New York city, and said he was lucky enough to tour as a dancer for Crystal Waters, Technotronic and CeCe Peniston. (Fast-forward to the 4:44 mark, for the adorable smile-worthy dancing bit)

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Oatmeal Wrestling: As Appealing As Eating Oatmeal

Thursday, on my favorite clip/talk/random show, G4’s aptly titled Attack Of The Show co-host Candace Bailey and The Feed host/former Playboy playmate Sara Underwood wrestled in a baby pool filled with oatmeal in a tribute to Weird Al’s UHF.

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