Trailer: Carrie

Nothing could be quite as traumatizing as 1976’s Carrie, but I’m not going to lie and say the story doesn’t personally disturb me more than any other horror movie.

Forget Friday The 13th, Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween. Carrie breaks away from those films because the series of events (minus the telekinesis) commonly occur in real life.  Continue reading “Trailer: Carrie”

This Teaser Will Make You Remember The Name ‘Carrie,’ In Case You Forgot 36 Years Ago

Since almost nobody under the age of 25 has read Stephen King’s acclaimed novel Carrie, Screen Gems and MGM have decided to capitalize on the story’s relevance (teen bullying) by making a third version.

Everyone remembers the original in 1976 but few saw or can recall the remake in 2002 starring Patricia Clarkson and Angela Bettis (Girl, Interrupted, May). This one, due March 15, 2013, also has a promising director (Boys Don’t Cry‘s Kimberly Peirce) and cast…

Chloë Grace Moretz (despite King himself suggesting Lindsay Lohan) as the teen with an unstable harness on her telekinetic powers and Julianne Moore as Margaret, the fanatic mother who believes her sheltering parenting techniques are saving her daughter from the very hellfire she eventually unleashes upon her pig’s blood-dumping classmates.  Continue reading “This Teaser Will Make You Remember The Name ‘Carrie,’ In Case You Forgot 36 Years Ago”

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