Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez: So Guilty it’s Hilarious

Selena gomez orlando bloom sneaking outSelena Gomez and Orlando Bloom are quite possibly exchanging bodily fluids, and the proof is in this photo. Reportedly of the pair leaving one of Chelsea Handler’s stand-up shows and judging facial expressions only, the photo clearly depicts two very specific types of guilt.

Nearly 40-year-old Orlando is guilty of hooking up with someone who is 21 but looks 12, and Selena just found out the hard way that British men aren’t circumcised.

In that jacket, with those eyes he also kind of looks like a rapey magician. Correction: rapey uncircumcised magician.

TMZ thinks they’re revenge f*cking to get back at Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber for leaning against each other for 5 seconds as a fashion show four years ago. Not far-fetched at all.

Southerner Catches 948-Pound Tiger Shark

Holy prehistoric wiz-bangers Batman! It seems like giant animals are popping out of the woodwork on a continuous monthly basis.

Giant squids were confirmed as a species as late as 2006, and in 2012 we’ve already heard about a 20-foot crocodile, an ancient sturgeon, and a pregnant monster python.

Now, a 21-year-old Alabama native has fished a 14-foot tiger shark with a porpoise skeleton in its belly out of the sea. The catch fell short of his state’s record by a mere 40 pounds, but it’s still a terrifying vision…

Then again, so was the Tiger Shark caught by a kayaker in Maryland on August 15th. Keep in my mind that this is a relatively harmless/non-aggressive species (somehow I’m still hearing the Jaws theme on repeat).

Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Caught Kissing Another Man

Anderson Cooper came out as a gay man just last month, but had long been seeing bar owner Ben Maisani (far left).

They had been dating for around three years, lived together, and were reportedly considering marriage and adoption.

Unless they  broke up, Ben has some explaining to do. He was spotted holding hands and making out with a mystery man in a New York park yesterday.

Much like Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders’ affair, there is photographic evidence.

After Anderson announced his sexuality to the world, close friend Kathy Griffin told him to “be careful.” I know this probably isn’t exactly what she meant, but ouch.  Continue reading “Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Caught Kissing Another Man”

Massive 1,000 Pound Sturgeon Caught In Canada

A very large and very old Sturgeon was caught and released in the Fraser River in British Columbia last week. It took an English angler who was visiting with his wife more than 90 minutes to reel the 1,1000 pound 12-foot 4-inch fish.

Dean Werk, a guide for Great River Fishing Adventures, said that over a span of 25 years he’d never seen a sturgeon that ancient or big (it is likely the largest fish ever caught with a fishing pole).

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