Super-Centenarian Attributes Old Age to Raw Eggs, Single Life

Emma morano CentenarianThe oldest woman in Europe and fifth oldest in the world, 115-year-old Italian-born Emma Morano tells the New York Times she believes she’s cruised through three centuries because of her diet, which has included three raw eggs a day since adolescence, and her decision never to remarry.

Morano has been living the single life since 1938, when she separated from her husband and forever decided she “didn’t want to be dominated by anyone.”

Amazingly, Italy’s famous super-centenarian refuses to ever go to the hospital. Continue reading “Super-Centenarian Attributes Old Age to Raw Eggs, Single Life”

Funny Video: 100-Year-Old Woman Possessed By D*cks (NSFW)

Yeahhhhh you’re in for a surprise if you thought the word “d*cks” all censored like that could possibly stand for “ducks.” In the video, we see a centenarian sitting in a room surrounded by her children and grandkids talking to a local reporter about her obsession, and it’s not embroidery or orchids…

Her daughter attempts to get her to talk about all the nice things she’s done with her life, but the woman just has dick on the brain because she’s f*cking 100-years-old and can pretty much say whatever she wants.
how's your dick hanging meme
If I had an extra year of my life for every time this old lady talks about dick, I’d live to be 120…