Prayers, Answered: McDonald’s Considering Serving Breakfast All Day

Egg McMuffin I may need a few seconds to catch my breath. Screaming over McDonald’s possibly making delicious Egg McMuffins available 24/7 is hard work after all.

You know my Xbox-playing night owl ass can’t ever wake up in time to actually leave the house for Mickey D’s before 10:30 a.m. The very idea is simply preposterous.

I’m not a God-fearing woman, but I may become one, because in the future, I may very well be able to crawl out of bed at noon or when-the-hell ever I very well please and still indulge in cheesy, high-calorie goodness.

McDonald’s prez and CEO Don Thompson just talked to CNBC about expanding the company and competing with other chains, adding that he would definitely “consider” serving breakfast across the day.

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Chick-fil-A Doesn’t Exist In Oregon, But I’d Eat There If It Did

If you were to walk up to me last year to tell me that gays and supporters of the gay community would be uniting against non-supporters over a chicken restaurant, I would have told you to shut the hell up.

That’s what’s happening and I rarely say this, but I’m sick of hearing about it.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee dubbed August 1st  Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day while others rallied against the company’s CEO after he expressed his “traditional family values” in an interview with Baptist Press.

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The Cultural Impact Of Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

There is hardly a person alive who hasn’t owned an iPod or used a Macintosh computer. Even your grandma has walked past a Mac Store or seen a movie with some celebrity doing important research, intently staring at a screen that slyly depicted some adorable colored fruit icon.

You’d see U2 and other prominent musicians famously dancing through an iTunes commercial.

That upside down glowing white logo, shown on several season of Sex And The City, was Carrie Bradshaw’s sole means of writing her famous sex and advice column.

The villainous characters on early season of Fox’s hit show 24 would use Windows computers, while the “good guys” used Macs. Attractive women in nearly every horror movie I can imagine put in iPod earbuds and start running down the street right before a big kill scene…

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Says ‘I Messed Up’ In Mass Email

Though they were once at the top of their game, Netflix has come under a lot of scrutiny lately.

They are being criticized for raising prices significantly, losing Starz content, splitting the company into two parts (Qwikster, the new subsidiary) and generally being douchebags.

At least he’s sort of getting what he deserves, in the form of massive backlash (25,000 comments on their blog) AND a stock plummet. (Check out the 5-day stock chart, bottom left)

The most douchebaggy thing I can think of? Apologizing for something that you blatantly don’t plan on changing.

That’s exactly what Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO, is doing.

He recently sent out a very fearful letter, apologizing for the price increase in August ($8.99 to $15.98 for streaming and DVD-by-mail) and explaining all the changes…

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