Junior Seau’s Suicide Raises More Questions About CTE

Ten-time all-pro NFL linebacker Junior Seau was found in his Oceanside home by his live-in girlfriend, Mary Nolan, with a revolver by his side and a fatal gunshot wound to the chest on May 2.

Police ruled out Nolan as a suspect and the death has been ruled a suicide.

In late 2010 he survived a 100-foot fall off a cliff in his Escalade, saying he’d fallen asleep at the wheel.

Seeing as it was right after he’d been arrested for domestic violence (Nolan was his partner then too) many believed that incident to not have been an accident, even though Junior was adamantly against that theory.  Continue reading “Junior Seau’s Suicide Raises More Questions About CTE”

The Term “Cougar” No Longer Applies To Felines

A Utah school’s decision to not make their new mascot a cougar because it might be offensive to middle-aged women makes me wonder what people think of first when they hear the word “cougar.”

I guess it depends on the context. For instance “there’s a cougar roaming school grounds” certainly could conjure images of a hungry Demi Moore, but as a country girl I’d have to assume that it was an actual cougar reference. Listen, Corner Canyon High board members, this is not offensive to middle-aged women, it’s offensive to mountain lions.

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San Diego Kicker Pees As Camera Rolls

Yes while the team was preparing for a rush in the fourth quarter with under two minutes left, the camera panned to Chargers kicker Nick Novak, which caught him at a very unfortunate moment.
Peeing, in a cup? I guess, when you gotta go you gotta go. Even when it’s in front of millions of people.

Tied against the Broncos and the only image we can conjure is some dude pissing on the sidelines when actually it was that normality of it that scared us. He couldn’t very well rush off to the nearest bathroom with the possibility of being needed on the field looming. He did what he had to.

Everyone applaud his grossness. What a trooper. Too bad his urine flow didn’t make much difference, the Chargers lost in overtime to that shifty football-playing priest Tim Tebow in overtime. 16-13.

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