Seinfeld’s Nemesis is New York’s Reckoning

Credit for this photo goes to the people at and their article “See How A Bane Mask Makes Any Villain Look Scarier.” Turns out, the Dark Knight’s #1 enemy in 2012 is The Dark Wayne Knight aka Newman on Seinfeld.

Other mask memes include Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears PradaDownton Abbey’s maid O’Brien, and the dreaded Hamburglar.

When I saw Batman I felt like Tom Hardy was competing with Christian Bale for weirdest vocal alteration. Hardy kind of sounded like a leprechaun with really low-hanging balls and Bale was just hobbling around in a hole for most of the movie.  Continue reading “Seinfeld’s Nemesis is New York’s Reckoning”

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Admits His Lyrics Are ‘Shit’

The Coldplay frontman told NME“I know our lyrics are a bit shit, but those ones [for ‘Charlie Brown’] I like them a lot.” “Charlie Brown” is song number four on their latest watered-down U2 ripoff party called Mylo Xyloto.

And to prove his idiocy (though finally he’s being honest about how half-assed his band really is) he said, on his potential hit duet with Rihanna, called “Princess Of China:”

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