‘Prometheus’ – Smart Director, Dumb Scientists

Ridley Scott was smart to not market Prometheus as a prequel to Alien, because that’s exactly what it is. Not in the cinematic “all your questions are answered” shoot-cut-wrap sort of way, but it does cleverly give fans of the original the easter egg they’ve been waiting for.

Scott is smarter here then he’s been in a long time, presenting you with special effects that make Battleship and everything else from recent years besides District 9 look like they were shot a day after computers were invented. Scott has also not lost his talent for creating the same tension for the audience that his characters are experiencing.

Scientists to be exact. Two in “charge,” though not as much as they’d like to be. Then a captain, medic, pilots, an overseer, an android, a geologist, a botanist, and a few others.  Continue reading “‘Prometheus’ – Smart Director, Dumb Scientists”

Abbie Cornish Is Charlize Theron, Sometimes

I have a confession. I watched Madonna’s W.E. and liked it. My friend forced me to, insisting that it was really good (he also got me to like John Carter). After hearing that it was a steaming pile of zoo waste, I was surprised to actually enjoy it.

I paid attention, quite a rarity. I also found myself thinking ‘Wow, I didn’t know Charlize Theron was in this.’ Then in true crazy person form I corrected myself, knowing all along that it was Stop-Loss’ Abbie Cornish.

You know her, she’s the one who [allegedly] ruined Ryan Phillippe’s marriage. I wanted to be all #TeamReese #KillCornish or whatever but I actually like her and think she’s a decent actress.

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Charlize Theron Is A Huge UFC fan, Travelled To Turkey For An Eclipse

Prometheus/Snow White and the Huntsman actress Charlize Theron‘s sit down with Conan aired Tuesday, June 5. She told him that she is “absolutely obsessed” with MMA.

“I lose my voice, I go that nuts. I get really into it. I mean, I think it’s such an incredible sport.”

“These guys are like incredible athletes and yet at the same time I wonder what it says about me that I like sweaty, hot men bleeding all over each other.”

She also described her love for astronomy and how she travelled to a special secluded spot in Turkey to see an eclipse that was interrupted by a woman singing “What’s Up” (aka “What’s Going On”) by 4 Non Blondes.  Continue reading “Charlize Theron Is A Huge UFC fan, Travelled To Turkey For An Eclipse”

Charlize Theron And Kristen Stewart For Interview, June/July 2012

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron appear in the latest issue of Interview Magazine for Snow White And The Huntsman and as usual, the photos are spectacular but the individual sit-downs with the two actresses are even better.

Even after picking and choosing answers, I’ve included less than half of the questions.

Elvis Mitchell does a brilliant job of exploring their careers and getting a very fluid and intelligent perspective into their craft and personal lives…

MITCHELL: When was the first time you remember working with a woman who you instantly connected with?
STEWART: Well, Jodie [Foster, in Panic Room]. But actually, the first person who hired me for a movie was a woman: Rose Troche, who directed The Safety of Objects [2001].  Continue reading “Charlize Theron And Kristen Stewart For Interview, June/July 2012”

David Fincher And Charlize Theron Got F’ed In The A

I know I talk about David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo way too much, but it was basically my favorite movie of 2012 next to Young Adult. Coincidentally, both movies got fucked by the Oscars.

Theron for her spot-on portrayal of a painfully realistic woman with the maturity level of a five month-old Rottweiler.

The character, written by a subsequently more grown up Diablo Cody was passed over in every way. No best actress or picture. In other disappointing Young Adult/Academy Award news, if Jonah Hill deserves a supporting actror nom for Moneyball than Patton Oswalt should get one as well. Continue reading “David Fincher And Charlize Theron Got F’ed In The A”

Charlize Theron & Brad Pitt For W Magazine February 2012

Charlize Theron shares cover duty with Brad Pitt for next month’s “Best Performance” issue of W. They are both known for dramatic roles that sometimes glisten with humor, like Theron in Young Adult or Pitt in Inglourious Basterds or Moneyball. The interviews mirror that acting style, like the moment when Charlize brings up having no teeth as a child in South Africa.“For the first eight years of my life, I didn’t have front teeth. I was pretty sick as an infant, and antibiotics rotted them. But then I started to take dance classes, and I eventually got some teeth [laughs]. When I was 16, I went to Milan to model.”

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‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Trailer And Posters!

I know there’s been a lot of hype about the new Snow White movie, and let’s face it, the Kristen Stewart/Charlize Theron/Chris Hemsworth one is the real deal. Not this Julia Roberts Mirror, Mirror” contender that didn’t even have a name until a few weeks ago.

Until now I’d been half-heartedly promoting Snow White And The Hunstman with all the clearly high-budget stills of K-Stew looking like a character in Skyrim but now I see what the fuss is about! This trailer isn’t messing around, Charlize Theron looks like class act up there.

The queen always was the classically insecure woman. The girl with all the faux confidence, addicted to shiny surfaces. These days it’s the girl on the bus gazing into her iPhone – you know, the one with the black screen.

If only we could all just poison people who visually threaten us, tempt them with cyanide-flavored Pinkberry. That’d be good population control too, because half the world would suddenly evaporate. You know you’re that shallow.

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