LeBron James Whines Like a Little Girl With a Broken Doll After End of 27-Game Winning Streak

LeBron James post game interviewEgomaniac baby LeBron James is having a hard week. On Wednesday, the Chicago Bulls put an end to the Miami Heat’s lengthy streak – one rivaled only by Wilt Chamberlain’s ’71-’72 Lakers. To add insult to injury, James narrowly avoided having the headband snatched directly off his dome by an eager fan. The disappointed king vented his frustrations in a post-game interview, calling the streak “one of the best this league has ever seen.”

In the locker room, the LeBron I remember from the infamous 2010 press conference appeared, saying things like “Let me calculate my thoughts real fast” and “I don’t know if I like that question.”

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The Three Newest Additions To ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Tim Robinson, Aidy Bryant & Cecily Strong

Three new cast members are joining Kate Mckinnon (introduced April 7th, hilariously portrayed Helga Handler) on Saturday Night Live‘s season 38 premiering September 15th.

Chicago comedians Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson (pictured left) and Cecily Strong (below) have big shoes to fill.

With Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Abby Elliott (Paul Brittain too, but who cares) absent, there’s always the possibility of remaining funny people like Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, and Nasim Pedrad getting more screen time.  Continue reading “The Three Newest Additions To ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Tim Robinson, Aidy Bryant & Cecily Strong”

Attack Of The 26 Foot Marilyn

A 26-foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe frozen in time doing her famous I-managed-to-make-a-subway-grate-sexy pose will be moved from Chicago and sent to Palm Springs, California next month.

“Forever Marilyn” may be as popular to tourists as Kennedy’s mistress herself but it was ranked number one in a list of bad public art with fiberglass cows and a tasteless statue of Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery in Salem trailing just behind. Some women even crinkled their nose and called the statue sexist while visitors shamelessly snap pictures from under her dress.  Continue reading “Attack Of The 26 Foot Marilyn”

Innocent Chicago Teen Accused Of Showcasing Gang Signs On Sticker

We live in a society full of fundamentalist and overly sensitive people who, for their own attention-seeking gain, want to see controversy in everything.

That’s exactly what happened in the case of a 15 year-old boy who entered his design in a sticker competition and won first place, which meant that it would have ended up on cars citywide. It also included a $1,000 prize.

The teen in question, Herbie Pulgar, who attends an alternative school for children with emotional and learning disabilities, says his intention was never to hide gang signs in his art.

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Former Weezer Bassist Mikey Welsh (April 20, 1971 – October 8, 2011)

Michael Edward Welsh, known simply as Mikey Welsh, passed away on Saturday at the age of 40 after foreshadowing his own death two weeks earlier on both Twitter and Facebook.

The musician – who struggled with drugs, attempted suicide and had a nervous breakdown while touring in Europe – left the band in 2001. (He joined in 1998)

Welsh, who pursued art after departing from Weezer, mentioned death when referencing a painting on September 26th via Facebook wall post…

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