Pauly D’s Sperm Count Apparently Not Affected by Hair Gel Toxins

pauly d hair gel french fry hairPauly D, second most well-known male cast member of Jersey Shore, is reportedly seeking custody of a lovechild he created during one of his many stints as a DJ in Vegas.

The now five-month-old baby was conceived with 25-year-old Amanda Markert, a fun-loving college student who formerly made a living peddling her dusty jugs across the wasteland known as Atlantic City.

It’s super shocking to hear that he not only wants custody of a potentially life-ruining applesauce guzzler, but that the booze, hair gel and tanning bed radiation didn’t stunt his swimmers.

I guess if Snooki can beat the odds and not incur damage to her eggs via electricity zapped through her Everest-sized poof, why can’t he? From Hollywood Life:

Pauly doesn’t think that the 25-year-old mother of his child, Amanda, is a fit mother because she used to work at Hooters and has another child, according to TMZ.

The two have reportedly filed dueling court docs because Pauly wants custody of his ADORABLE baby daughter, since he allegedly hasn’t physically seen the child yet. Amanda wants child support, even though Pauly is requesting custody — which may be a good thing, since Amanda took a picture of Amabella in a high chair that was covered in $100 bills.

Hey, Mr. D, Are you sure you got a legit paternity test? Because that churren totally has an afro.
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Melissa Etheridge’s Ex Is A Greedy Witch

Melissa Etheridge’s ex, Tammy Lynn Michaels, played a crazy stalker on The L Word and is apparently crazy in real life as well. I know this because she claims that $23,000 a month in spousal/child support is not enough to live off of.

Michaels, her girlfriend of over eight years whom she separated from in 2010, is saying she got used to living on no less than $128,000 a month back when they were together.

I feel so bad for her that I wish a truck full of silver coins would run over her legs.

Etheridge claims that Michaels burned their song with a cigarette (by accident) while Michaels accuses Etheridge of refusing to get their kids vaccinated and turning them against her. The two are headed to court in May.

Terrell Owens Is BROKE, Bank Account Drained By Bloodthirsty Baby Mamas

Terrell Owens is looking to lessen his many child support fees due to the fact that he has absolutely no money coming in.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Owens owes the following amounts:

To Kimberly Floyd, the mother of his 7 year-old daughter, he currently pays $15,000 a month.

To Monique Reynolds, the mother to his 12 year-old son, Terique. He once gave her $100,000 to help buy a house, and owes her $11,202 dollars a year. That amount was nearly twice that amount, until last year.

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Terminator’s John Connor (Edward Furlong) Is A Terrible Father

Edward Furlong, who was the second and possibly most memorable actor to play John Connor in the Terminator film series, owes over $15,000 in child support payments to his ex-wife Rachael Bella Kneeland.

This is one of many of Furlong’s public/shameful issues. Kneeland complained back in January that Furlong was a month behind on his payments to her, and asked for an increase in both spousal and child support.

She also attempted to “terminate” phone contact between their son, Ethan, and Edward, after he called her a “dragon” on the phone to Ethan, and mentioned that her new boyfriend was a wimp who “has a vagina…”

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