Chris Rock + Others Close Out 2014 in Divorce

divorces 2014
It’s hard to believe in lasting love when famous long-term couples like Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are dropping like flies…

Just this week, Chris Rock ended a 19-year relationship with Malaak Compton, whom he says has “repeatedly refused” visitations with his daughters.

Also, Food Network Giada of extraordinarily Italian pronunciation of the word “spaghetti” and Todd Thomas have announced an amicable separation after 11 years together, which means they’re both either super mature or super over each other, along with Jeremy Renner, who is getting divorced from D-list actress Sonni Pacheco after only 10 months.

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Chris Rock Isn’t Talking About Popularity or Weight When He Says ADAM SANDLER IS HUGE

Adam Sandler penisIn a brief, impromptu interview with Chris Rock on Tuesday, June 18, Howard Stern asked about his own penis size and the size of his Grown Ups 2 co-star Adam Sandler.

Backstory: the line of questioning began because Rock was sitting next to Jonah Falcon, the world’s most well-endowed man, TSA menace and singer of “It’s Too Big.”

“It’s pretty big,” Rock stated. “When we were younger at SNL, Sandler and Farley would just whip out their d*cks all the time.”

Tommy Boy star Chris Farley, who died of a cocaine and morphine overdose in 1997, would humorously trick and his Saturday Night Live co-stars into looking at his junk, à la Waiting.

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