Coco Sort of Stepped Out on Ice-T, Ice Responds by Being Sort of Angry on Twitter

Coco AP 9Ice-T and wife of 12 years Assy McGee took a break from arguing about whose turn it is to wipe English Bulldog turds off the floor and got into a real fight on Twitter over the weekend.

The dispute began when photos of Coco (Assy) exchanging suckerfish cheek kisses (and almost motorboating) with non-famous rapper AP 9 in Vegas surfaced.

Upon seeing the images, which originated on Media Take Out, Ice wrote that Coco had explained her side of it and that he wasn’t happy and still felt “like shit.”

Then Coco was like, ‘nothing happened’ blah blah ‘I’m so sorry,’ and now I assume they are getting along. Read the full exchange HERE.

Video: The Ettes – “Excuse”

Sad fact, I saw The Ettes play at a Portland bar in 2009 for $5 dollars.

$5 dollars, for selfish reasons is a great price, but it’s also insulting to the band responsible for “Dead And Gone” and “No More Surprises.”

The new video for this beat-punk Nashville trio, which consists of two girls and one guy (drummer Maria Silver beats her drum kit as if it were Bieber’s decapitated head and torso after legalization of assault in America) has debuted…

“Excuse” is directed by Tom Sharpling (the real one) and features that doofy dwarf comedian/actor Patton Oswalt, explaining how the video was supposed to have an $81 million dollar budget that would make Avatar look cheap.

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