Avril Lavigne Dusts Off the Tie and Wifebeater, Says ‘Whatever’ to Growing Up

Avril Lavigne wifebeater 2013Avril Lavigne just debuted the video for “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” a  country/pop song that titty-twists Bob Dylan and name-drops Radiohead to the tune of her biggest hit, 2002’s “Complicated.”

Forget the tune. Petra Pan dug around her closet (or went back to Hot Topic) and ironed out the white tanktop, tie and stringy black capris from her days as a 17-year-old hater of authority figures and bare wrists.

Lavigne, now 28, really hasn’t aged much since those years. She’s still the same adorably eager hyena that says “boombox” with a weird accent that really can’t be classified as Canadian.

And believe me, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I’d be all over Britney putting on the snake scarf and tweaking the lyrics to “I’m a Slave 4 You,” but this is just plain baaaaad.  Continue reading “Avril Lavigne Dusts Off the Tie and Wifebeater, Says ‘Whatever’ to Growing Up”

Richard Simmons Calls Out David Letterman

Richard Simmons, who has a long-standing relationship with David Letterman, criticized the late night talk show host to Men’s Health, calling him “complicated” and “standoffish.”

Simmons divulged that Letterman told him that he would never meet his wife or see his son and that she was shooed off and on stage faster than you can say “Sweatin’ To The Oldies.”

Simmons: I love David. He’s more complicated than any of them, that David. I’ve done his show so many times. You know, I’ve actually never met him?…Even when I would do a remote with him, we’d go in separate cars and he wouldn’t talk to me.

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