The Pros And Cons Of Apple’s Retina Display Macbook Pro

The latest Apple technology has never been something you could expect to grab at a bargain price and the new retina display Macbook Pro, at $2,199 and up, is no exception.

It does LOOK better than anything on the market, with reduced glare and 2880 x 1800 resolution. That’s four times that of a standard display and more than twice as sharp as a high definition television.

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Angelina Jolie can UNICEF the fuck out of Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and more, win an Academy Award, land the cover of Rolling Stone three times and parent six children, but she can’t figure out how to work a user-friendly website like Amazon.

Yes, apparently the nerd is not strong within Mrs. Jolie, who told USA Today that her and Brad, who like to get their Christmas shopping done early, basically needed GPS to navigate their way through the shopping site.

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