Derriere Contest, Nicki Minaj Or Lil’ Kim?

Kim Kardashian was the new J-Lo but now Nicki Minaj is the new Kim Kardashian. Make sense? After seeing a picture of Lil’ Kim (flashback much?) at an IMAX party in Tampa on TMZ I wondered who truly deserves the plumpiest rump award.

And yeah, I’m confused about why Lil’ Kim was at an IMAX party too. I thought parties in movie theaters were strictly reserved for rugrat birthday parties?

…You know, where they stuff nuggets and their parents into bacteria-filled rooms with some pizza and an overly sweet birthday cake that looks nice but nobody really wants to eat.

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Perez Sucks At Judging Music Contests, Passes on Gaga Clone

Lately Perez Hilton has been asking his readers to send him videos of them performing covers which he will then rate and judge, thus picking the “best” one.

I’ve always read his blog, since it’s the biggest gossip site out there and quite useful BUT I completely disagree for the second time with his choices.

During his Britney Spears cover competition he picked some jazzy dude over this lady…

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If Regina Spektor Did “I Wanna Go”

Perez Hilton recently held a singing competition for unsigned artists singing Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go.” He’s got kind of a weird ear so he crowned some jazzy guy as the winner…

The winner should have been Jen Miller aka Jenerally Speaking, who also does some amazing covers of Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” and “Someone Like You…”

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