Jennifer Lawrence’s Legal Team, Like All Legal Teams, Are Total Assholes

So I got an email today from Jennifer Lawrence’s lawyer and I also stepped in poop. The poop thing is obviously much worse, but not really a story.

The email stated that I need to remove a completely censored image of Jennifer, one of the many from her widespread hacked nude photo scandal and also my entire article.

Let me just say that, like my fat cat Raisin (the one whose poop I stepped in), her lawyers are sweet but also completely misguided and derpy. Believing they can actually stop the photos from being shared and seen leads me to believe that – also like Raisin – THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE INTERNET WORKS.  Continue reading “Jennifer Lawrence’s Legal Team, Like All Legal Teams, Are Total Assholes”

‘Joustin Beaver’ App Has Right To Parody

Justin Bieber’s legal team are not against people making beaver jokes about their client – until there’s money involved. Lawyers for the bambino are scratching their heads over a new app called “Joustin’ Beaver.”

The cartoon game, created by RC3, follows Joustin’ as he floats down the river and is accosted by hogs. Phot-hogs, plus handing out “otter graphs.” Bieber’s people demand that it be removed from the iTunes app store. They also want records of all revenue collected by RC3, who say,  Continue reading “‘Joustin Beaver’ App Has Right To Parody”