Taylor Swift Coughed up a $500 Tip on a Few Bowls of Chicken Parmesan

Taylor Swift italian restaurantTaylor Swift isn’t like her “peers.” She’s not an insufferable little twat like Justin Bieber, she doesn’t do embarrassing shit like twerk with teddy bears (Miley) or appear to be suffering from yet-to-be-discovered vagina bugs like Vanessa Hudgens. Yeah she’s had a lot of boyfriends, but she’s also a good tipper.

So on top of having an arsenal of top 40 hits about her exes, Swifty throws money at waitresses and waiters like Kid Rock at a strip club.

After dining out in Philly with tour mates Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone and others at the Italian restaurant Ralph’s, Taylor left a $500 tip on an $800 bill, which is a whopping 62%. AND she gave concert tickets to the head chef’s autistic son. And ate a plate of chicken Parmesan that was “almost as big as her,” according to the owner.  Continue reading “Taylor Swift Coughed up a $500 Tip on a Few Bowls of Chicken Parmesan”

Tiny Taylor Swift Falls in Love With Tiny Ed Sheeran in ‘Everything Has Changed’ Video

everything has changed kid taylor swiftThe video for Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed” featuring touring buddy and speculated real-life love interest Ed Sheeran is the seemingly sweet and innocent tale of two childhood best friends who appear to be early versions of Swift and Sheeran.

But there’s a twist. At the end of the thing we learn that the little ginger male and the curly-haired female are actually the kids of the two singers. Am I the only one that thought they were divorced and attempting to cordially share custody? Oh no, that’s weird because the kids are supposed to be together one day.

Okay okay… If they weren’t divorced, were they about to meet and make a third daywalker child which they would eventually resent and divorce over? I hate surprises. Everything ends in death. Continue reading “Tiny Taylor Swift Falls in Love With Tiny Ed Sheeran in ‘Everything Has Changed’ Video”

Country Star Mindy McCready, 37, Commits Suicide (Nov. 30, 1975 – Feb. 17, 2013)

Mindy McCready livePlatinum-certified “Guys Do It All the Time” singer Mindy McCready shot and killed herself on the porch of her home in Heber Springs, Arkansas at around 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon.

McCready had an arrest record stretching from 2004 to 2008 and struggled to meet the guidelines of her probation due to alcohol and prescription drug addictions.

In 2010 she appeared in season three of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.  

The mother of two was involved in relationships with high-profile MLB pitcher Roger Clemens, actor Dean Cain, musician Billy McKnight (who was arrested for viciously attacking her eight years ago), and producer David Wilson.  Continue reading “Country Star Mindy McCready, 37, Commits Suicide (Nov. 30, 1975 – Feb. 17, 2013)”

Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Sound Half-Bad Singing ‘Jolene’ In Her Backyard

Miley Cyrus microphoneMiley Cyrus covered Dolly Parton’s 1973 hit “Jolene” over the summer, and I hate to say this, but out of all the covers I’ve heard, this is actually one of the best.

Let’s go over the more well-known “Jolene” recordings.

There’s the “Hello Operator” B-side by The White Stripes. Jack White means and sings well but sounds too much like a drowning coyote to rate on any known scale.

Then there’s British songstress Laura Marling‘s live cover with Mumford & Sons. I love her and she does a great imitation for a girl from Eversley, but it is just that… an imitation of Dolly’s Tennessee drawl. Continue reading “Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Sound Half-Bad Singing ‘Jolene’ In Her Backyard”

No, Seriously, MTV’s ‘BuckWild’ is the Decay of Western Civilization

Buckwild cast  2012Adam Levine recently called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo the “worst thing that’s ever happened” and the “DECAY of Western Civilization,” which I guess means he’s never seen previews for MTV’s new show.

BuckWild feels like both a replacement for Jersey Shore and a slightly more adult answer to TLC and Honey Boo Boo Child’s brand of redneckognition (I use the term “adult” loosely, and only because the nine cast members are older than Alana).

Sadly, Flavor of Love star Becky “Buckwild” Johnston has nothing to do with this show about West Virginians engaging in acceptable hick activities like squirrel huntin,’ and rope swingin.’  Continue reading “No, Seriously, MTV’s ‘BuckWild’ is the Decay of Western Civilization”