Time Magazine’s ‘Most Influential’ List Includes Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Jong-un, Jay-Z, The Obamas and CHRISTINA AGUILERA??

Jay Z time magazine coverJennifer Lawrence time magazine cover
Time’s “100 Most Influential” list of 2013, with seven covers featuring Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, tennis star Li Na, PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, Pakistani women’s activist Malala Yousafzai, Republican senator Rand Paul (son of Ron), Jay-Z and Bollywood actor/producer Aamir Khan.

Within the magazine, we see profiles written by fellow trailblazers like Jodie Foster and Oprah Winfrey, divided into artist, leader, pioneer, titan and icon categories.

Right smack dab in the “artists” section sandwiched between Frank Ocean, Bryan Cranston and Steven Spielberg is Christina Aguilera, which I find odd, taking the non-success of her last two albums (Bionic and Lotus), her hiatus from The Voice, and the fact that she’s a goddamn mess into account.  Continue reading “Time Magazine’s ‘Most Influential’ List Includes Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Jong-un, Jay-Z, The Obamas and CHRISTINA AGUILERA??”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [9-8-12]

Jimmy Kimmel is a hot Khaleesi, Walter White, and Dowager Countess. (Huffington Post)

Nearly 89 million people are unemployed in America right now. (CNS)

Madonna has a temporary Obama tramp stamp. (Buzzfeed)

Oopsy daisy dukes, Katy Perry broke One Direction’s Moonman (Ace Showbiz)

Chris Brown girlfriend Karrueche Tran mad over Rihanna kiss. (ONTD!)

Another familiar face on American Horror Story, Frances Conroy. (Vulture)

Enrique Iglesias offered spot on American Idol judging panel. (Entertainment Weekly)

MMA’s Jarrod Wyatt pleads guilty to grotesque murder of sparring partner. (Gawker)

Greg Jennings groped in the junk by fans at Lambeau Field. (Yahoo!)

Resident Evil: Retribution‘s Milla Jovovich for Vogue Italia. (Photoshoot)

Video Music Awards had terrible terrible ratings this year. (Spin)

Nude Athletes That You’ve Mostly Never Heard Of, It’s The 2012 ESPN Body Issue!

This year’s batch of naked ESPN Body Issue athletes are no different than previous years. They have weird names that are either laughable (Destinee Hooker?) or impossible to pronounce (oh, another “ova” tennis player?) and they’re naked but not naked enough to get anyone lacking imagination off.

You can’t just put a basketball over your Tinie Tempah or turn your legs to the side and call yourself a magician. I know that trick.  Continue reading “Nude Athletes That You’ve Mostly Never Heard Of, It’s The 2012 ESPN Body Issue!”

Gotye Unhappy With Glee’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ Cover

Australian singer Gotye, whose single “Somebody That I Used To Know” featuring Kimbra went number one in 19 countries, is not happy with the Glee version of his song.

Since Glee has to obtain licenses for music, it’s a little hard to understand what he’s upset about. Was he expecting his voice-clone, Sting, to guest star and cover the song? In that case, I’m sure Darren Criss and Matt Bomer were quite a disappointment.

Gotye (Go-Tee-A) told Courier Mail:

“They did such a faithful arrangement of the instrumentals, but the vocals were that pop Gleestyle, ultra dry, [It] sounded pretty tuned and the rock has no real sense, like it’s playing to you from a cardboard box.”

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Video: Walk Off The Earth – “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Gotye Cover)

Have you ever seen five people playing a single guitar? Me neither, and doing an excellent cover of the biggest breakthrough hit of  2011/12. It also has 90 million hits and counting on YouTube, not bad for a cover.

The Glee version has 7 million and the original “Somebody That I Used To Know” video featuring Kimbra has 158 million. Also not bad, for a guy that sounds a bit too much like Sting. Continue reading “Video: Walk Off The Earth – “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Gotye Cover)”

Interview: Jen Miller, YouTube Virtuoso

I got the opportunity to correspond with a tremendous talent yesterday, someone who deserves to be the next big “voice” in music. The folky individuality that Ohio-born up-and-comer Jen Miller brings to songs by relevant artists like Outkast, Foster The People and Adele is unrivaled.

Her rendition of “I Wanna Go” by Britney Spears earned an honorable mention in Perez Hilton’s “Can You Sing” cover competition last year (if you ask me it should have won).

Miller’s YouTube channel is an easter egg hunt of music, you just won’t find any bland boiled eggs or black licorice. Though I did learn that apples would also apply (explained later).

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U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ Covers Album

This November 19th will mark the date of the the 20th anniversary of U2‘s seventh album, Achtung Baby, originally released in 1991.

A lavish 6 CD box set including a documentary by Davis Guggenheim, unreleased songs such as b-sides and remixes and even some cover songs, will likely release on October 31, 2011.

Four versions of the set will launch – the Uber Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe Edition, Vinyl Box Set, and regular Deluxe Edition.

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Scott Weiland Releases Tasteful Cover Album

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has released an album of very well-chosen cover songs. It is a digital-only album, available for purchase on his website, for $15 dollars.

The CD is out on Weiland’s label, Softdrive, and titled A Compilation Of Scott Weiland Cover Songs. (Funnily enough, it has no cover art, despite being a cover album)

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