‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Seeks Robb Stark Look-Alike for Iron Throne Rubdown

Richard MaddenA 25-year-old woman from New Orleans is my new hero for creating a Craigslist ad describing an elaborate fantasy set in the world created by George R.R. Martin in A Game of Thrones.

In the post, filed under Casual Encounters, the Louisiana native describes a scenario where she is Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Dragons (Emilia Clarke) and her lover is Robb Stark (Richard Madden).

After arriving at King’s Landing and slaying Starks, Lannisters and all those who oppose her, Khaleesi takes pity on the eldest Stark son, throwing him in the dungeon instead of putting his pretty head on a pike.

The woman, proud owner of a replica of the Iron Throne from the show, brings the Robb look-alike out of his cell and makes “wild and passionate love with him, repeatedly” on top of it. From CL:

Please only respond to this post if you look like Robb Stark! I would appreciate pictures, but please, no names. In order to stay as true to the fantasy as possible, I ONLY want you to refer to yourself as Robb Stark. You will need to provide your own clothing.  Continue reading “‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Seeks Robb Stark Look-Alike for Iron Throne Rubdown”

For $200, Brett Favre’s Pubes Are A Steal

A Craigslist listing in Minneapolis, Minnesota posted at 11:05 a.m. on September 11 was looking for a buyer interested in NFL legend Brett Favre’s pubic hair for $200.

The seller claimed, in a quite convincing tale, to be the brother of a Vikings equipment manager who took them out of Favre’s jock strap in 2009, two years before he announced his retirement.

The ad has since been flagged for removal by grumpy sticklers or Green Bay fans (the post specifically states that “they are not going to a Green Bay fan”) but I you can still read it in its entirety below.  Continue reading “For $200, Brett Favre’s Pubes Are A Steal”

To The Man At The Megadeth Concert – Claim Your Baby

A blue-haired, fishnet/biker boot-wearing woman on Craigslist is searching for the father of her child, a man with a red mohawk and pentagram earrings.

This from a now deleted post in the “Missed Connections” section.

The super-descriptive anonymous woman titled it Did we hook up at the Megadeth/Motorhead concert? – w4m – 28 (Aragon Ballroom).” Here is the full NSFW post, via Fuse:

“Me: Blue hair, silver tube top, fishnets, knee high black biker boots.
You: Red mohawk, black pentagram gauges, viper piercings.

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Disgruntled Wife Sells Gamer Husband On Craigslist

In a hilarious attempt to get her husbands attention, a woman named Alse Baddley in Utah put him up for sale on Craigslist because he plays Call Of Duty too often.Though, even as a joke it’s a bit confusing since the post is titled ” One husband to the highest bidder” then says within the post that he is free to a good home.

So, which is it Alse? Can I have your husband (Kyle Baddley) or not? If you don’t want him I’ll take him off your hands and ship him to one of my romance-challenged friends as a Christmas present. Certainly a MW3 addict is better than no boyfriend at all, no? I mean it’s almost like having a pet. As was indicated in the ad, which read,

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Weird Shit I Found On The Internet

So, I was cruising around Craigslist looking for a $5 copy of Uncharted 2 (no luck) and I decided it would be amazing to present you with an assortment of weird things that you can buy on the internet. Also includes two Ads from the Craiglist Personals section. Very entertaining…

This collection of odd things consists of a depressing abortion sculpture (above), penis earrings, skin advertising, Nintendo soap, $250 Lady Gaga tennis shoes, and a potato chip that they claim looks like a storm trooper. Hot.

Kinky Unicorns. Always a blast.

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This guy REALLY Likes Halo

July 25th 2011, on the surprisingly educational/entertaining History Channel show Pawn Stars, a man brought in a custom-made master chief suit and model assault rifle from the video game Halo.

The man, Ian, asked a mere $2,000 for the extravagantly nerdy item but that turd son of the Vegas-based Gold And Silver Pawn Shop owner Rick, Corey Harrison aka “Big Hoss,” wouldn’t give the poor man more than $200, originally offering a measly $100.

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