Beloved Film Critic Roger Ebert Dead at 70

Rogert Ebert starIt’s hard to not be emotional about the passing of Roger Ebert, who died today at the age of 70 after a long struggle with thyroid cancer, considering he was the only critic I trusted and agreed with 99.9% of the time. (The .01% being horror movies and video games not being art.)

Without him, I would have thought that all reviewers were ignoramuses, paid off by the studios or overly invested in tip-toeing around bashing something that will likely appeal to the majority, or praising something that might not.

Who are we left with, without Roger? Peter Travers makes my stomach churn (still reeling from the two and a half stars he gave to the American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the three and a half given to the mediocre Haywire), and Richard Roeper is too nice.  Continue reading “Beloved Film Critic Roger Ebert Dead at 70”