Disorderly Conduct Charges Against Sam Worthington Dropped

A doorman at Atlanta’s Vortex Bar & Grill got Avatar/Terminator Salvation/Man on a Ledge/Wrath of the Titans star Sam Worthington‘s panties in a bunch when he denied the actor access to the establishment.

Skinhead Sam (yes that’s his actual mugshot), was reportedly “highly intoxicated,” pushed the doorman and yelled “I’m a DEA agent! You fucked up now!” after he was refused entry and pepper sprayed in the face.

The charges against Worthington, who is playing a DEA agent called “Monster” in Ten co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, were dropped after the doorman accuser failed to appear in court to tell his side of the story…

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Secrets Of The Marijuana Catapult, As Told By The Former Chief Of The DEA

So I’m reading the “cocaine” issue of New York Times Magazine that was appropriately handed to me by my mom, not because I have a snorting addiction but because she hands all the issues down to me, and I notice something about a “marijuana catapult.”

Naturally I’m very intrigued, even as someone who doesn’t smoke pot anymore, it sounds like the most fascinating thing ever. Sadly blueprints and a point-by-point description were not included.

What we do get is an explanation that moving marijuana is hard for drug cartels because it smells and is bulkier than coke, but worth it. Due to the stench and weight it “tends to cross the border far from official points of entry.”  Continue reading “Secrets Of The Marijuana Catapult, As Told By The Former Chief Of The DEA”