Demi Lovato Fails To Kiss A Girl In ‘Cool For The Summer’ Video

People love to compare the potentially bi-curious Demi Lovato single ‘Cool For The Summer’ to ‘I Kissed A Girl‘ by Katy Perry, but the songs really aren’t that similar, and Lovato has further proven that point by sidestepping the expected, cliché opportunity to make out with a girl in the music video.

I repeat, Demi Lovato doesn’t kiss a girl in ‘Cool For The Summer,’ which would be fine if the final product wasn’t so boring. Seriously, platonic girlfriends are so last year.

There is one part where she grabs a girl’s head and leans in, but without actual proof let’s be jerks and assume they’re just besties.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No Wait, It’s Demi Lovato ON a PLANE Snorting Cocaine

Demi Lovato shared some lurid details of her past, which is completely littered with empty bottles, mirrors, and rolled-up dollar bills. Lovato, who spent part of 2010 in rehab, recently told Access Hollywood that she used to smuggle coke onto planes and snort it among sleeping passengers.

“I couldn’t go without 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine and I would bring it on airplanes,” Lovato said. “I would smuggle it basically and just wait until everyone in first class would go to sleep and I would do it right there.”

The 21-year-old admitted that she was “very good at manipulating people” and had no trouble hiding her drug use from a sober companion who was hired to keep an eye on her 24 hours a day.

Demi Lovato Playing Santana’s Love Interest on ‘Glee’

Demi Lovato Naya Rivera kissI suppose Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato have little in common besides being famous Latina women with strange names, but during season 5 of Glee they will share a duet, a dance and probably even a kiss.

It was confirmed last Sunday by Rivera that the 21-year-old “Heart Attack” singer will be playing her struggling artist girlfriend. “She’s playing my love interest so I’m very, very excited about that,” she said.

Does anyone watch Glee for any other reason than Santana at this point? She’s the best singer with the best lines but I fear her career will end after the show because movie and TV casting directors are idiots.

I’m STILL obsessed with her and Amber Riley doing Adele + Brandy and Monica.

Emilia Clarke and Five Other Entertainers Who Look Stunning Without Makeup

Emilia Clarke no makeup
Brunette Emilia Clarke, best known as Daenerys of House Targaryen on Game of Thrones, posted this beautiful bare-faced photo to her personal Facebook page 4/09/13.
Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna, who prefers bright lipstick to excessive foundation and eyeliner, often gives fans a glimpse of her natural self on Instagram.
Demi Lovato no makeup
The X-Factor judge and “Heart Attack” singer Demi Lovato encouraged her Twitter followers to “be brave” and take off their makeup earlier this month. Continue reading “Emilia Clarke and Five Other Entertainers Who Look Stunning Without Makeup”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [2-4-13]

Demi Lovato castDemi Lovato slipped and broke her leg on shiny Pledge-cleaned floor, blames roommate. (Evil Beet)

They made another Fast and the Furious and Michelle Rodriguez isn’t dead. (Yahoo!)

Bobbi Kristina not interested in reading or supporting grandma Cissy’s book. (Extra)

Cast of Cool Runnings reunite in Calgary for 20th anniversary screening. (Huffington Post)

Tim McGraw is oddly sexual in red shorts and Hulk Hogan head wrap. (ohmyGAHH!)

A bad explanation for the blackout, from New Orleans’ power supplier. (Sports Illustrated)

First Khloe now Kendall: report suggests second youngest daughter is not Bruce Jenner’s. (Celebuzz)

The X Factor U.S. Gives Patti Smith’s ‘Because The Night’ The Dubstep Treatment

The X Factor‘s CeCe Frey performed an interesting rendition of “Because The Night” by The Patti Smith Group last night…

There’s no other description besides: DUBSTEP. Yep, Dubstep Patti. Demi Lovato decided to transform her team for the live shows turning brown-haired, leopard spot appliqué-loving CeCe into a blonde “if Ke$ha was hot” bombshell.

“If CeCe doesn’t become likeable she’s not going to have a future as a pop star,” Sherlock Lovato told the cameras in a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at brainlessness.  Continue reading “The X Factor U.S. Gives Patti Smith’s ‘Because The Night’ The Dubstep Treatment”

‘The X Factor’ Season Two Vs. ‘The Voice’ Season Three

The second episode of NBC’s The Voice aired on Wednesday at the same time as Fox’s U.S. The X Factor season two. Christina and Britney pitted against each other in a Mickey Mouse Club judge-off…

While Britney entertained me more than Christina, I will still vouch for The Voice over X Factor, Idol, and America’s Got Talent. Here’s why:  Continue reading “‘The X Factor’ Season Two Vs. ‘The Voice’ Season Three”

Demi Lovato And Britney Spears Are Confirmed ‘X Factor’ Judges

Earlier this month E! reported that Britney Spears wanted Demi Lovato to appear on X-Factor with her. Now they’ve both been confirmed and her wish has been granted, Lovato will join her as a replacement to Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.

Simon Cowell and LA Reid will even out the panel in terms of gender, but will Demi compliment Britney? They are similar. Lovato’s struggles (with cutting and bulimia) and comeback does seem familiar.

Continue reading “Demi Lovato And Britney Spears Are Confirmed ‘X Factor’ Judges”

Demi Lovato Is Not Fat, Idiots

I barely know who Demi Lovato is. I know she’s a Disney starlet type, like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez? She is an ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas, along with Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle.

I don’t know a single one of her songs but she kind of reminds me of a younger version of that ex-American Idol judge, umm Kara DioGuardi?

What I do know is that this girl is not fat or large or remotely overweight. On Sunday, Demi, 19, came under fire for apparent weight gain during and after her appearance (left) at the VMAs.

This is particularly disturbing considering she was in a treatment facility for bulimia and self-injury in October 2010 and was released in January of this year.
Continue reading “Demi Lovato Is Not Fat, Idiots”

VMA Photo Slideshow (Plus Winner List!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a bunch of pictures of celebrities at the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Most of them look crazy, but at least they were having fun eh?

And here are the winners:

Video of the Year: Katy Perry, “Firework”
Best Female Video: Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”
Best Male Video: Justin Bieber, “U Smile”
Best New Artist: Tyler, The Creator, “Yonkers”
Best Collaboration: Katy Perry featuring Kanye West, “E.T.”
Best Hip-Hop Video: Nicki Minaj, “Super Bass”
Best Rock Video: Foo Fighters, “Walk”
Best Pop Video: Britney Spears, “Till the World Ends”
Best Video With A Message: Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”

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