Rihanna Shines Bright Like A… What Was it Again?

Okay so lately, Katy Perry is “Wide Awake,” Ke$ha is dying young, Gaga is popping art zits and talking shit about Adele and Rihanna is shining bright like a diamond. Got it? Got it.

BarbadoClownTastic is a busy girl these days, new album, new video, a fourth SNL musical guest spot, photo sex with Kate Moss, and an appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show which she said she was “shitting bricks” for, in her live Facebook chat.

There’s also that whole not being friends with Katy P., and being something or rather with Chris Brown (she calls him “alright” in the chat thing).  Continue reading “Rihanna Shines Bright Like A… What Was it Again?”

$250 Dollars For Rihanna’s Box

Ladies and Harry Winston blunt-rolling germs, save your silver dollars. A limited edition copy of Rihanna‘s new album is going to set you back.

While the standard and deluxe versions of Unapologeticout November 16, will cost a regular $13.99 and $17.26, the “Diamonds Executive Platinum Box,” will cost $250.

It comes with a t-shirt, lithographs, vinyl with remixes and the “Diamonds” single, a 40-page booklet of lyrics and other scribblings,  2GB flash drive, a ViewMaster stocked with previously unreleased photos, stickers, and a handwritten note from Ms. BarbadoClownTastic herself.

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Rihanna’s Chalice Is Happy On ‘Unapologetic’ Album Cover

Rihanna has released a new album every fall since 2005’s Music of the Sun with the exception of the one year break between Good Girl Gone Bad and Rated R. 

Her latest is titled Unapologetic and has a set release date of November 19, 2012.

In case you forget that it’s called Unapologetic and that she herself will never apologize for dating Chris Brown, she’s written it all over her body, along with other choice words and numbers like “7,” “happy,” “fearless,” “chalice,” “side effects,” “roc,” “faith,” “victory,” “#navy” “diamonds,” “love” and “fun.”

Phuck you Chris Brown and giant Egpytian boob tattoo/carefully placed words.  Continue reading “Rihanna’s Chalice Is Happy On ‘Unapologetic’ Album Cover”