Video: Die Antwoord – “Pitbull Terrier”

In honor of habitual weirdos Die Antwoord’s new album, Donker Mag with titles like “Raging Zef Boner,”  “Don’t Fuk Me,” “Sex,” “Girl I Want 2 Eat U,” and “Happy Go Sucky Fucky” – dropping today, here’s a Reddit list of  pre-Antwoord music by Ninja.

Also, a link to an interview explaining how Yolandi’s pet rats “raped” each other multiplied like crazy on the set of the “Evil Boy” video. And a Gaga drag queen being eaten by a lion.
“Pitbull Terrier” (no relation to J-Lo’s Pitbull) features more animal-centric freakiness involving blood spatter, people dressed as cats and dogs, and a real rat dressed as nothing.

Lady Gaga Explains Why She’s Better Than Die Antwoord

Lady Gaga just proved that she has next to no sense of humor about herself and thinks she’s better than artists who sell fewer records and tickets than her.

When addressing a recent, admittedly outrageous video (called “Fatty Boom Boom”) by South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord featuring a Gaga drag queen in a meat dress with a bug in her/his vagina and an epic death involving a lion, the real LG wrote:

“i fink u freaky but you don’t have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in SA,” referring to her tour dates in South Africa.  Continue reading “Lady Gaga Explains Why She’s Better Than Die Antwoord”

Lady Gaga Gets Live STD and Eaten by Lion in New Die Antwoord Video

When someone showed me this “Fatty Boom Boom” video, I legit thought it was a real Lady GaGa video. The transvestite is surprisingly accurate.

South African hip hop/rave/rap group Die Antwoord has yet another bizarre video, but due to their newfound international fame, the band is incorporating some American media.

Fatty Boom Boom is actually their lightest most colourful work considering most of their videos take place in dumpsters and the crevice between your ballsack and upper thigh.  Continue reading “Lady Gaga Gets Live STD and Eaten by Lion in New Die Antwoord Video”

Video: Die Antwoord – “Baby’s On Fire”

I haven’t seen Men In Black III yet but from the previous two films I know that the basic premise is aliens living among humans and can easily relate that to this video.

In “Baby’s On Fire” I’m supposed to believe that Yolandi Visser of the South African electro-rap group Die Antwoord isn’t from another planet?

Continue reading “Video: Die Antwoord – “Baby’s On Fire””

Video: Die Antwoord – “Evil Boy”

I gave the weirdest band of 2012 award to Die Antwoord, who are the edgy, South African version of LMFAO. “Evil Boy” is over a year old but with the success of “I Fink U Freeky” on Letterman and everywhere else I find it less irrelevant.

The video rivals any of the weirdness you’d expect from Gaga and while it sounds like total sex-driven nonsense it’s actually about the forced circumcision ritual that African men in the Xhosa tribe have to endure. Continue reading “Video: Die Antwoord – “Evil Boy””

The Creepiest Band Of 2012, Die Antwoord

The Die Antwoord (translation: “the answer”) music video for “I Fink U Freeky” dropped January 31. It is the song most recognizably tied to the South African trio’s second album, Ten$Ion. The band was also featured in a spread within the latest Rolling Stone plus appeared on Letterman day before yesterday.

They are the most eccentric and eerie band that I’ve ever seen on mainstream television. Their co-singer is a little girl called Yo-Landi Vi$$e (who’s actually 35) with a high-pitched voice, black contacts and contrasting white-blonde Robynesque hair.

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