Barry Sonnenfeld Directed ‘Men In Black III’ From A Saddle

Barry Sonnenfeld has directed all three Men In Black movies, The Addams Family, Get Shorty and one of the worst movies of all time, Wild Wild West – and he did it all from a saddle.

Apparently this is common knowledge, at least to people in the industry and anyone who happened to read the various other articles about this.

I mean, the third accompanying word that comes on Google when you type in “Barry Sonnenfeld” is “saddle.”

I just learned about it from watching an interview with Alice Eve on Attack Of The Show, who said, “He’s a cowboy so he wears cowboy outfits, and he sits on a saddle for his back that’s on little wheels and he wheels around and gives you direction.”  Continue reading “Barry Sonnenfeld Directed ‘Men In Black III’ From A Saddle”

Video: Marilyn Manson – “Born Villain”

It’s no shock that Marilyn Manson’s new NSFW video “Born Villain,” gave me the creeps within the first 10 seconds for its eerie silent haircutting scene. The song is an upcoming single from Manson’s untitled eighth studio album, due this year or the beginning of next.

It’s also no surprise that this video is age-restricted on YouTube. Which just means you can still be 12 and watch it, you just need an account.

It’s less surprising that Shia LaBeouf directed this video, in all its whispering, skin-piercing, head-shaving, full-frontal glory.

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