Marlboro Needs To Give Lindsay Lohan A Job…

Let me start by saying that I hate smokers more than most.

I have a communist view of them.

I feel like they should be charged a lot more for cigarettes, perhaps around $70 dollars a pack.

If I were a politician, I would suggest a bill that looks to build closed-in bus stop-sized buildings on street corners where smokers could go and blow second-hand cancer fumes at each other, instead of in my face.

Imagine glass boxes full of smelly, nicotine-addicted monsters. Now imagine Lindsay Lohan is there with them…  Continue reading “Marlboro Needs To Give Lindsay Lohan A Job…”

ANTM’s Jael Strauss Tells Dr. Phil ‘This Is Personal And Embarrassing’ During Live Intervention

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant and current meth-addicted stripper Jael accepted treatment from Dr. Phil McGraw on Thursday.

Prior to appearing live on Dr. Phil, Jael’s family and two interventionists provided by McGraw lured her out of hiding by tricking her into thinking her dog was sick.  Continue reading “ANTM’s Jael Strauss Tells Dr. Phil ‘This Is Personal And Embarrassing’ During Live Intervention”

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