Video: One Direction – “Best Song Ever”

Usually I try to post only two kinds of music videos on here, ones I really like, or ones that make me shit my pants in contempt. The video for “Best Song Ever” doesn’t quite qualify as either, it’s just really popular.

So popular that it broke a record on Vevo for most views in one day (over 10 million) because One Direction fans are nuts. In it, the boys take on various roles like a bald studio exec (Louis Tomlinson doing Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder), a choreographer, a nerd, an old dude and a sexy direction in drag
I’m usually pretty “meh” about these guys but it’s worth watching just to see Zayn Malik in drag. Maybe Lorne Michaels should invite a few of them to host SNL? —-> GIFs HERE <—–

Princess Diana Dressed in Drag and Frank Sinatra Hated Orgies

Princess Diana in dragIn weird news that could either ruin or make you love American and England’s deceased sweethearts more – Frank Sinatra was not into group sex, Sammy Davis Jr. was bi, and Princess Diana dressed up in drag with Freddie Mercury.

In a Gene-Hackman-in-The-Birdcage moment, Diana, Princess of Wales, avoided a media frenzy in the late 80’s by dressing like “a nice young man with pert buttocks,” according to comedian Cleo Rocos.

Rocos, Kenny Everett and Queen Freddie Mercury were able to snag drinks at a tavern in London because they tossed an army jacket, a hat and sunglasses on Diana so she could go unnoticed. (Oh the things you didn’t need to – but probably wanted to – know.)

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Jared Leto: Hottest Man, Ugliest Woman?

Remember in Congo when Amy the talking gorilla calls Laura Linney an “ugly woman?” Random reference but I can’t help but recall the phrase after seeing Jared Leto in drag for a new movie role.

Looks like Matthew McConaughey isn’t the only one going through a drastic transformation for Jean-Marc Vallée new film The Dallas Buyers Club based on the true story of Ron Woodroof’s battle with aids in 1986.

TMZ thinks he looks like Kristen Stewart (low, untrue blow) but I’m going with Parker Posey. One thing’s for sure, he’s no Bruno Mars.

Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack And Jill’ Reviews Are A Drag

On Friday, Adam Sandler’s latest comedy Jack And Jill wasn’t an easy over-the-top pill to swallow. In fact, the previews for the film featuring Sandler as himself and as his own sister, were more Scary Movie or SNL skit/spoof than reality.

Rotten Tomatoes had Jack And Jill receiving a 0% rating the day it came out, and later a 3% with critics saying things like “More than 24 hours has passed since I watched the new Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill and I am still dead inside.” (And that’s from Time Magazine)

Brian Orndorf said, “I’m not even sure this qualifies as a real movie,” with Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald interjecting, “Left to his own devices, Sandler reverts to his worst, laziest habits.” Key words from ALL reviewers = BAD, SWILL, UNFUNNY and SAD.

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Lady Gaga’s Big Manly VMA Surprise

Well, we’ve been hearing for a week now that we were going to see something from Lady Gaga that we’ve “never seen before” at the VMAs. My thought was, well, of course we’re going to see something we’ve never seen before. It’s the first 2011 VMAs ever, that’s different right there.

So her big surprise is – she came out on stage at  the beginning of the show dressed as her male alter ego Jo Calderone and sang her piano ballad “You & I.” Brian May from Queen even came out to play guitar for her.

Basically she just talked WAY too much, blew puffs of smoke and looked exactly like the girl who dresses up in drag in 1985’s Just One Of The Guys and also the desperate girl gang member in Westside Story.

Oh, also, Justin Bieber made a face like someone had just skinned his mom. Poor kid, terrorized by Al Pacino with a vagina on the day of the VMAs!

Lady Gaga Really is A Man (For Her “You & I” Single)

Apparently I’m out of the loop. Lady Gaga has had a male alter-ego since September of last year, whom she calls “Jo Calderone.” Hmmm, Jo looks a lot like Al Pacino.

Lady Balls Balls tweeted the cover art for the “You & I” single cover art featuring the pop star in a very convincing drag getup. I saw it the other day briefly and wondered if it was Gaga’s new boyfriend or some artistic male inspiration of hers. Who knew.

It was revealed that the video for “You & I” will be released as Lady Gaga’s 1000th tweet, and she’s currently on 992, so it seems like that will probably be in a few weeks, who knows how long or short she wants to play that game for.

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