The Most Beautiful Olympic Athletes Of The Year

The Dutch field hockey team at the 2012 Olympics have been unofficially named the most beautiful team in London and they’re actually good! They won a gold medal in 2008’s Beijing games and a silver in 2004 (with different players, of course).

I’m going to add more unofficially beautiful Olympians to this list but just know that I’m still bitter that Nastia Liukin isn’t there. Not because she’s “beautiful” but because I like to yell “NASTIA” out the window at the top of my lungs and it makes less sense now.  Continue reading “The Most Beautiful Olympic Athletes Of The Year”

‘Pro Baby Maker,’ Best Or Worst Job Ever?

Virgin until age 34, Ed Houben, is killing two birds with one stone. Being a humanitarian and bedding women left and right. He offers his services free of charge to people who need what he has – sperm.

His unorthodox approach of actually having sex with the ladies he “helps” is controversial, but not illegal.

“I do it because I know how hard it is for people who desperately want a child,” he told the Telegraph in 2008. “Also going through fertility clinics can be very time-consuming and costly for them.”

Houben works through, a site that encourages donors and couples in need to connect on their own terms.  Continue reading “‘Pro Baby Maker,’ Best Or Worst Job Ever?”

Fascist Dutch Magazine Still Won’t Apologize To Rihanna

After Jackie magazine editor-in-chief Eva Hoeke printed an extremely distasteful style guide focusing on Rihanna entitled “Niggabitch,” she resigned.

The publisher Yves Gijrath says there was nothing wrong with the article, but that Hoeke’s attitude and the way she went about her apology was ultimately what caused a rupture in her credibility.

Eva Hoeke’s resignation statement did suck, “The term ‘niggabitch’ came from America and we solely used it to describe a style of dress.” This lady even had the balls to invite Rihanna to share her opinion. “Jackie Magazine will invite Rihanna to share her feelings and thoughts on the article in the next issue.”

Continue reading “Fascist Dutch Magazine Still Won’t Apologize To Rihanna”