Funny Video: NBA Players Read Mean Tweets

The maturity of internet trolls combined with the confused faces of professional basketball players makes the second NBA edition of Mean Tweets comic gold. PRESS PLAY!

And I know my gossipy lowlife ass wasn’t the only one waiting with bated breath for the Kim Kardashian diss during the Kris Humphries portion.
Damarcus cousins emotional lesbian  Dwight howard leg warmer panties
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Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [10-2-12]

The Lakers starting five in yellow, plus Dwight Howard is “learning” from Kobe. (Huffington Post)

Fiona Apple says the weight loss is due to stress in her brain. (Spin)

Sometimes Chris Crocker is a bottom, sometimes he’s a top. (Manhunt)

Selena Gomez got a neck tattoo, but it’s okay because it’s behind her hair. (ohmyGAHH!)

73-year-old Oregon man consumed by hogs. (Gawker)

Miley Cyrus to star in Lifetime miniseries about Bonnie and Clyde. (Evil Beet)

Also, says source says Rihanna and Chris Brown are kissing in clubs. (Celebuzz)

Chris Evans and Minka kelly are swapping saliva behind a trash can. (TMZ)

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [8-10-12]

Zombie Disney princesses and Ronald McDonald. Enough said. (i09/Deviant Art)

Dwight Howard in a Lakers jersey. #$&%! (ShavarRoss)

Britney Spears looks hot again. But then again, I say that every year. (Starpulse)

Usain Bolt is a pretty decent photographer. (Yahoo!)

Fifty Shades Of Grey has a soundtrack now. (L.A. Times)

Some lady give birth in the park and Jonah Hill saw the whole thing. (TMZ)

The guy who sings “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” is gay. (Twitchy)

Kim Kardashian and her sisters put on glasses. Suddenly look really smart. (Gawker)

Monster energy drink stole 26 songs from the Beastie Boys. Beasties sue. (Spin)

Bourne series without Jason Bourne is weird. (Rolling Stone)

Seven Olympic athletes from Cameroon vanished into thin air (WebProNews)

Rihanna wasn’t as ghetto as Oprah thought she would be. (The Hollywood Gossip)

A woman is growing fingernails on her face and nobody knows why. (KTLA)