Kathy Bates Signed Onto Salem Witch Trial-Themed Season of ‘American Horror Story’

Kathy Bates Jessica LangeKathy Bates has been added to the cast of FX’s upcoming season of American Horror Story which will relate to the Salem witch trials, according to Dylan McDermott.

“She really is [perfect]. All the witches of Salem…there’s plenty of them,” season one veteran McDermott told E!

Piecing this together with what creator Ryan Murphy told Collider in January, we can assume season three DOES NOT actually take place between 1692 and 1693, when the trials occurred. Murphy called it a “modern-day story” that would require “research of the different time periods” with a “female power” theme. He also said that it will take place in several cities (Danvers, Ipswich and Andover, Massachusetts?).

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‘American Horror Story’ Premiere, Rundown And Stills

Wednesday marked an exciting day in television history, the premiere of a high-budget and potentially high-quality horror TV show, besides The Walking Dead. FX and creator Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck, Glee) deliver the weirdly captivating show, American Horror Story.

“Weird” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Within a single episode we are shown fleeting images of disfigured monsters reminiscent of something in a video game centered around a mental hospital. Plus ghosts, nudity, bondage, girl fights and Jessica Lange, her foreshadowing down-syndrome daughter and much more…

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