People Keep Accidentally Posting Naked Pics on eBay

Naked man in tea kettleI’ve always been too impatient for eBay. I don’t want to have to compete for a freaking laptop cord because I have important things to do, like trying to figure out the who, what, why, where and when of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Perhaps if I had known that eBay is a secret breeding ground for more than just baseball cards and Harry Potter collectibles, I would have been more enthusiastic about browsing their wares.

After a British seller named Aimi Jones snapped a naked photo of herself standing next to a yellow dress, The Sun and Daily Mail compiled a collection of equally (or more) depraved eBay reflection shots.  Continue reading “People Keep Accidentally Posting Naked Pics on eBay”

Melvins/Kurt Cobain Van Still Up For Sale

The Melvins old tour van (affectionately known as the “Melvan”) is up for sale on eBay , significant because the exterior has a Kiss mural drawn by none other than Kurt Cobain, who used to chauffeur to band to their shows before the formation of Nirvana in 1987.

The seller is fan/musician Ben Berg, who was gifted the vehicle by the mother of founding Melvins bassist Matt Lukin, in 1992.

It’s a junkie 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van and the minimum bid is $99,99.99 though Berg is hoping to get around $135,000. for it.

When he first obtained the car, Berg had no idea of its sentimental grunge value. He told Rolling Stone:  Continue reading “Melvins/Kurt Cobain Van Still Up For Sale”

Prank Your Friend’s Car, With Cheeky Bumper Magnets

I’m not British so I don’t know why I’m saying “cheeky,” I suppose I’ve always wanted to. Anyway, thanks to Grouchy Muffin for alerting me to the fact that there’s a guy selling hilarious stickers, err magnets, on eBay.

They convey very particular messages such as “I love my big fake boobs,” and “I love group sex” or the more broad “warning: I’m retarded” and “homewrecker.”

I actually do remember wanting to paste rainbow stickers onto every hick and jock’s car at my close-minded cow pie school, but I either didn’t have the guts or couldn’t find enough stickers. This guy coulda helped me out back then. He even poses with the stickers, pointing and grinning like a poor-lady’s Jake Gyllengosling.

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Marty McFly Replica Shoes Auctioned For $37,500

Nearly identical shoes as seen worn by Michael J Fox in the iconic film Back To The Future Part II sold today for a whopping $37,500 to “Written In The Stars” rapper Tinie Tempah.

1,500 pairs of these 2011 Limited Edition “Nike Mags” have been put on Ebay, starting at around $6,000. The $37,500 dollar pair that went to Tinie Tempah were sold at a special auction in L.A. thus explaining their surprising price-range.

The proceeds do go to the Michael J. Fox’s Foundation For Parkinson’s Research, so I actually encourage rich people to buy them. I just don’t know who would actually wear them down the street?

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Weird Shit I Found On The Internet

So, I was cruising around Craigslist looking for a $5 copy of Uncharted 2 (no luck) and I decided it would be amazing to present you with an assortment of weird things that you can buy on the internet. Also includes two Ads from the Craiglist Personals section. Very entertaining…

This collection of odd things consists of a depressing abortion sculpture (above), penis earrings, skin advertising, Nintendo soap, $250 Lady Gaga tennis shoes, and a potato chip that they claim looks like a storm trooper. Hot.

Kinky Unicorns. Always a blast.

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This guy REALLY Likes Halo

July 25th 2011, on the surprisingly educational/entertaining History Channel show Pawn Stars, a man brought in a custom-made master chief suit and model assault rifle from the video game Halo.

The man, Ian, asked a mere $2,000 for the extravagantly nerdy item but that turd son of the Vegas-based Gold And Silver Pawn Shop owner Rick, Corey Harrison aka “Big Hoss,” wouldn’t give the poor man more than $200, originally offering a measly $100.

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