Damn, I Was Hoping For A ‘Junior’ Sequel

There’s a Twins sequel in the works! Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are both on board for the second installment which will be called Triplets. It gets better – Eddie Murphy will play the third brother!

In case you don’t remember or weren’t alive, here’s the synopsis: Julius (Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (DeVito) are fraternal twins created in a secret genetics lab experiment. The goal was to create the “perfect child” using sperm from various donors.

Turns out, the twins, who were separated at birth and are at first unaware of each other’s existence, were a failure in that one is perfect and the other is a fat bald gnome with a criminal past.

Eddie Murphy would assume the role of yet another lost sibling. The character will probably be similar to Tower Heist’s “Slide.” Ivan Reitman, who directed Twins, will produce.

Eddie Murphy Drops Oscar Hosting Gig, Billy Crystal Picks It Up

Eddie Murphy was asked about his return to the Oscars, which he was meant to host in February, in his Rolling Stone interview with Mark Seliger. He replied:

“There’s no pressure. It ain’t about me that night, it’s about the Oscars and making the show move smoothly. It’s not ‘And now ladies and gentlemen , the 2012 version of my ice cream bit, sit back and relax. I want some ice cream… In closing ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to say, ‘Goonie goo goo.’ Thank you very much!’ I don’t think it’s going to be anything like that.” 

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