Elizabeth Hurley And Kenan Thompson Are Getting Married (But Not To Eachother)

SNL star Kenan Thompson, 33, is engaged to Christina Evangeline, who I thought was a model but states clearly on her Twitter, “I’m not a model. I never claimed to be. I had 2 layouts in Maxim…For fun. I have a degree, ambition, for me, isn’t skin deep.”

Thompson and Evangeline had previously dated for over a year, and are rumored to tie the knot as soon as November 11th.(Maybe she’s prego?)

In other engagement/marriage news, Elizabeth Hurley, 46, is engaged to her cricket-playing boyfriend “spin king” Shane Warne. Warne, 42, proposed over dinner at the hotel restaurant at St. Andrews golf course in Scotland…

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Elizabeth Hurley’s Gossip Girl Cougar Action

Hey Upper East Siders and all that cheesy lingo, a new promo for Gossip Girl season 5 is out and it looks like “Nate” is going to be getting ravaged by Elizabeth Hurley. It goes like this,

Elizabeth Hurley, to Chace Crawford:

“Is this the master bedroom? Let’s destroy it?”

Hmmmmm, he’s 26 and she’s 46 but she looks 32 and so does he, so I guess it all works out.

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