Chelsea Gets Nude in the Shower with Ellen

Ellen chelsea showerChelsea Handler is making a big, well-publicized move from E! to Netflix for a reported $10 million.

For her final sendoff on E! Chelsea displayed ultimate raunch levels during a more hit-than-miss shower scene with Ellen DeGeneres where Ellen wonders why she’s never been asked to appear on the show and Chelsea pretends to not know Ellen’s sexual orientation while bouncing up and down naked in front of a million cameras like a porn star without the risk of infection.

Later, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and 50 Cent appeared along with Miley, Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani for an intervention and some live music, because what’s more likely to get ratings than awkward nudity and oodles of celebrities? Continue reading “Chelsea Gets Nude in the Shower with Ellen”

Colin Farrell Had a Telephone Romance With Elizabeth Taylor

Colin Farrell Elizabeth Taylor ellen Now I will tell you the unexpected tale of how an elder Elizabeth Taylor befriended hunky 30-something Colin Farrell

Taylor sent an orchid to Farrell after she found out he was in the hospital welcoming his son Henry into the world. (She was there having a coronary stent put in.)

Shortly after, the began talking on the phone late at night. Here’s a quote from Vanity Fair, explaining their relationship and why he was asked to speak at her funeral in 2011:

The pair eventually met in person and began exchanging phone calls, especially late-night ones that fit nicely into their insomniac schedules. “She wasn’t much of a sleeper at night like I’m not, so at two o’clock in the morning I’d call her. . .and the nurse would answer the phone. I’d say, ‘Is she awake?’ I’d be on the phone and I’d hear, ‘Hello?’ And I’d go how’s it going and we’d talk for a half an hour an hour into the wee hours. Really cool.’”  Continue reading “Colin Farrell Had a Telephone Romance With Elizabeth Taylor”

Best, Worst and Middle-of-the-Road Celeb Halloween Costumes of 2013

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell (as Khal Drogo and the Khaleesi), Heidi Klum, and Ellen (as Nicki Minaj)
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell (as Khal Drogo and the Khaleesi), Heidi Klum, and Ellen (as Nicki Minaj)

Halloween [sort of] just happened – when all the famous people test themselves by covering their beautiful faces and dressing up in outfits less expensive and less glamourous than their regular attire in the name of candy corn martini-flavored puking at exclusive parties held by other celebrities – and some of the costumes were pretty damn good.
honey Boo Boo kardashians

And, since the older Kardashian sisters didn’t appear to do much at all, here’s Honey Boo Boo’s entire family AS the Kardashians. P.S. Star Trek/Boo Boo crossover show = Here Comes Honey Cardassian.

miley cyrus halloween costumes celebrity
Joan Rivers, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan (as Miley and Robin Thicke), and Miley Cyrus

And then EVERYONE dressed up like Miley Cyrus, and Miley dressed like her new role model, Lil’ Kim…

Kendall Jenner, David Spade and Kate Hudon and Ariana Grande
Kendall Jenner, David Spade and Kate Hudson and teen sensation Ariana Grande

In terms of the worst, it’s always safe (and boring) to dress up like a cat. I expect this kind of non-creativity from kids, but WTF, Kate Hudson.

Chord Overstreet (as Jax Teller), Chris Colfer (sexy R2D2?) and Constance Jablonski (as Britney Spears)
Chord Overstreet (as Jax Teller), Chris Colfer and Constance Jablonski (as Britney Spears)

People who are a small part of pop culture dressed as bigger icons of pop culture for the win.

Actually, screw them all, Katy Perry as Justin Bieber takes the cake. The face, the eyebrows…. <3

Funny Video: Wanda Sykes On Her Voice & Being Mistaken For Lenny Kravitz

This is from April but it’s relevant because she’s talking about the new Ice Age movie which just came out and Lenny Kravitz, who never goes out of style.

“As a kid my mother would try to get me to change my voice, like to sound more pleasant. I guess my voice got on her nerves or something cause I was outside playing, not even talking to her, playing with my friends…she would yell out the window, ‘Wanda, change your voice!'”  Continue reading “Funny Video: Wanda Sykes On Her Voice & Being Mistaken For Lenny Kravitz”

Funny Video: Megan Fox Startled By Man In Banana Suit

Megan Fox visited Ellen DeGeneres yesterday to talk about body ink regrets (“Kids, don’t ever get tattoos!”) and her former job at a smoothie shop.

Yes, Megan Fox used to sell fruity beverages to teens/parents, and dressed up as a banana every Friday! Ellen, a notorious prankster, took the opportunity to frighten Megan with a yellow accomplice.

Sophia Grace And Rosie’s Red Carpet Interview #2

If you haven’t seen Sophia Grace and her hypegirl Rosie on Ellen yet you are missing out, and this is coming from someone who publicly loathes children.

These British tutu/tiara-wearing kids are the epitome of adorable. Everything that humans should be, hyper, funny and intrepid.

Sophia Grace burst onto the scene with her YouTube cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Soon after its release, the video (like Maria Aragon’s “Born This Way”) gained national and deserved attention from the media and she was invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Continue reading “Sophia Grace And Rosie’s Red Carpet Interview #2”

Michelle Obama Brings Guns To Ellen

My breath isn’t exactly taken away when I find out that Michelle Obama can do more push-ups than Ellen DeGeneres but I am continuously surprised at how amazing she is in general.

The more her husband disappoints me, the more impressed I become with her. Maybe it’s just because she’s so down-to-earth, and hip! At nearly 50 years-old, Mrs. Barack is in better shape than I, at 26.

On a taping set for Thursday she dropped by Ellen’s show and was challenged to a contest of strength. Both women did about 20 push-ups but Michelle O did five more than Ellen and was barely winded. Continue reading “Michelle Obama Brings Guns To Ellen”

Lady Gaga Brings The Booty Ballet To Ellen

One of the things I love about Lady Gaga is her loyalty. Loyalty to certain talk shows, and New York, as in, god I hope she never moves to Los Angeles and loses her nightclubby stage art, pizza grease soul. Gaga also seems to have sworn allegiance to Ellen DeGeneres, which means she brought her already tired single, “Marry The Night,” to the show.

Continue reading “Lady Gaga Brings The Booty Ballet To Ellen”

Sophia Grace And Rosie Meet Rihanna, Conduct AMA Red Carpet Interviews

I really don’t normally like children, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. They usually melt my heart about as much as an infomercial for sharpened Wolfgang Puck signature knives BUT these two, they’re just so cute, and British.

Yes, I blame it on their accents and lack of American stupidity. When Essex native Sophia and her “hypelady” Rosie, sat down with Ellen after meeting Rihanna they explained that it was very brave of her to pick them both up,

Continue reading “Sophia Grace And Rosie Meet Rihanna, Conduct AMA Red Carpet Interviews”

Nicki Minaj Sings ‘Super Bass’ With Tiny Fan, Sophia Grace

After an adorable 8 year-old Nicki Minaj fan sang “Super Bass” in a widely-viewed video on YouTube, the tiny British girl and her “hype woman” appeared on Ellen with a very special surprise.

Nicki came out, picked her up off the ground, called her a “superstar” and rapped with her before urging her to stay in school regardless of her epic talents. NM couldn’t even keep up with the pink-dress wearing, tiara-toting phenom!…

Continue reading “Nicki Minaj Sings ‘Super Bass’ With Tiny Fan, Sophia Grace”