Why Do People Put Things There?: A Question Not Even ‘Sex Sent Me to the E.R.’ Can Answer

Kinky role-playing ends up in the emergency room. There is a television show on TLC called “Sex Sent Me to the E.R.” This episode stuck in my mind because of the previous post from a book titled “Stuck up.” Stories like these make me wonder why people feel the need to put very odd things in places they don’t belong.

A Canadian couple by the name of Jason and Michelle decides to role play. She a princess and he was a fire breathing dragon. Handcuffs were involved in this role playing (I am unsure why a dragon would handcuff a princess), and the keys ended up in her vagina (like you didn’t see that coming). This event ended with them in the emergency room, and MORE bad news.

At first the couple pretended not to know what was wrong hoping the doctor would find through an exam. Whenever something bad happens to me that I’m embarrassed about, I think “it can be worse.”  Continue reading “Why Do People Put Things There?: A Question Not Even ‘Sex Sent Me to the E.R.’ Can Answer”

Lindsay Lohan Rushed To New York Hospital For Asthma

Lindsay Lohan was taken to the emergency room at Mount Sinai hospital in New York late Sunday after having a severe asthma attack.

TMZ reports that Lohan, whose father said that she has to take these things seriously because “she had a bad case of asthma as a kid,” was released shortly after being given antibiotics for a lung infection.

“Lindsay was treated and released, and is doing fine,” Lindsay’s rep told Newsday. Sources close to the troubled starlet revealed that she’s been dealing with walking pneumonia for the last two weeks.

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