Emily Blunt Made Tom Cruise Look at Weird Sex Stuff

Emily Blunt broke Tom Cruise’s spirit and grossed him out, but it was all in good fun. Here’s some context: Blunt, who stars in Edge of Tomorrow with Cruise, recently told Jimmy Jimmel that she invited him to a sex club auspiciously called “The Box” in Soho, London, but it was okay because other famous people were there, like her husband, and Matt Damon.

She describes the club as being known for “weird things that are supposed to make you cringe.” Here’s a more detailed specification of said cringeworthy weirdness, from Wiki:

Unusual acts conducted at the club have been reported such as pigs licking food off of strippers’ stomachs, unsanctioned orgies and a performer known as “Laqueefa”, who apparently can play popular tunes with her genitalia.

You all remember the face Tom makes when he encounters regular, non song-playing vaginas…

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