Guy Flashes His D*ck at Kings Of Leon Show, Parties with Band the Next Day

naked guy kings of leonBritish guy Jimmy Doris now has a famous penis.

During a Kings of Leon show in Birmingham, England on Tuesday night, Jimmy stripped down–like really stripped down–and flopped his jimmy around for all the LG Arena to see. NSFW photo here. The Twittersphere was abuzz the next day, with fans tweeting pictures and gems like “Came for the show, stayed for the penis” and “All hail the guy who got stark naked, and respect for his mate who let his balls touch his neck.”

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Sign My Fake Petition To Send David Beckham to China

David Beckham China jerseyThe Mirror is reporting a story about David Beckham throwing his cleats, soccer balls and four kids into a bag and moving overseas to play for a Chinese Super League team.

Sadly, there is a 99% chance that this story is false (a line on a map from London to Shanghai is not exactly solid evidence).

“It was sheer rumour,” an insider told the South China Morning Post. “Shenhua has no financial strength to sign another superstar.”

I wanted David to go play with former Chelsea strikers Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba in China. The further him and his freaky fembot wife with the “sing and wave” button are from here, the better.

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Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss

I love writing about gross food. You’d think it would all be American like the KFC Double Down (chicken-on-chicken-on-bacon sandwich) or Sloppy Joe Sideshots but some of it is actually foreign.

Like pork and seaweed donuts at Asian Dunkin’ Donuts locations or the latest, hot-dog-stuffed pizza crust at Pizza Hut UK! There it is, amidst perfectly bland choices like Cheesy Bites, Hawaiian and Pepperoni. “Succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust.”  Continue reading “Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss”

Lana Del Rey: Don’t Judge Me, Hotel Doorlady!

Songstress Lana Del Soul (or Rey, but I typed “soul” by accident and it stuck) was photographed leaving her hotel room on Thursday in this white see-through getup, polka dot skirt and all.

It was not her outfit that struck me as hilarious, because she wears that midriff-exposing retro outfit daily, but the look on the hotel worker’s face, behind her.

She is giving Lana the third degree shitface, the third world pinkeye stinkeye. And what is she perturbed by in particular?

The outfit? The attention she received from a few fans? Her attitude? Lack of tip?

Maybe she has a long-standing obsession with Axl Rose, and is plotting an assassination?

I can’t mistake the look for admiration, it’s definitely some kind of disgust. If only I could interview this woman. I’ll never know. But feel free to caption.

‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ Was The Decade’s Most Played Song (In The UK)

The 2001 hit song “Can’t You Out Of My Head” by Aussie superstar Kylie Minogue had the most airplay in the 2000s, according to the UK’s Performing Right Society, who are responsible for collecting royalties for musicians.

Honestly, could a song with a more perfect title have been named the most played song? “Toxic” at number two seems just right but then three slightly odd tracks follow, Robbie Williams’ “Angels” Jamelia’s “Superstar” and Liberty X’s Just A Little.

Of course this doesn’t account for several important places people hear music besides the radio, including stores at the mall, sporting events and your friend’s house. The chart is also based on times performed, such as live covers.

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Paul McCartney Weds Nancy She-Devil In London

No disrespect, I meant Nancy “Shevell.” Yes, after four years of dating, 69 year-old Beatle Paul McCartney has married for the third and hopefully final time to his very low-key heiress bride.

The wedding took place on Sunday at Marylebone Town Hall in London, the same spot that his first marriage to Linda McCartney occurred in 1969.

Shevell, is quite an enigma – not famous enough for anyone to know who she is, considering she’s marrying one of the richest and most famous musicians in the world – but not unknown or scandalous enough to be considered a floozy gold digger type…

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Scientists To Implement Artificial ‘Hose’ Volcano

In an effort to cool the climate, engineers and scientists in the U.K. will test the effects of an artificial volcano this October.

The test consists of pumping water into the atmosphere with a giant hose, as part of a larger scheme against global warming, to manipulate the earth’s environment.

The mock volcano is called “Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering,” or S.P.I.C.E….

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Just Another Tara Reid Crotch Shot

I’ve lost count of how many there have been? I’m thinking this is the third, or I dunno, I think she flashed her wacky botched boob job once and her wonky cat vagina another time?

It hardly matters. This time Tara and her financial advisor husband, Zachary Kehayov, were out and about in Mayfield, England.

Mrs. Reid has been spending time in London recently for the taping of Celebrity Big Brother, no emphasis on “celebrity.”

Here are her latest (slightly prickly?) side-underwear ball shots…

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Britney Spears “Criminal” Video Details

Okay by details I really just mean that it’s going to be filmed in England, since she’s already going to be there for the European leg of her tour.

But if you’ve heard Femme Fatale you’ve got to be wondering why “Criminal” is the next single? Seems like it would be a number of things, just not that.

“Trouble For Me,” “Up n’ Down,” or “Drop Dead Beautiful” seem like viable options. “Criminal” is just kind of a fun whistling romp of a renaissance fair.

UK Woman’s Implant Explodes During Paintball

After a 26 year-old British woman’s implant burst during paintball, the company, UK Paintball, decided to quickly rewrite their policies. The front page of their website contains a humorous statement:

“Due to an incident at our Croydon Paintballing centre on Saturday 20 August 2011 we respectfully ask that any ladies with surgical breast implants notify our team at the time of booking. You will be given special information on the dangers of paintballing with enhanced boobs and asked to sign a disclaimer. You will also be issued with extra padding to protect your implants while paintballing. Thank you for your cooperation…”  Continue reading “UK Woman’s Implant Explodes During Paintball”

SBTRKT – SBTRKT Album Review

Aaron Jerome’s second full-length album, and first under the name “SBTRKT” (pronounced “subtract”) is an explosive contribution to the loosely-defined dubstep genre. Part Massive Attack, part Tricky part something you’ve never experienced, Jerome worked previously as a producer, remixing for friends and underground artists around the world such as Zap Mama, Nicole Willis and Bugz In The Attic. On this self-titled work, the UK-based DJ teams up with a variety of singers with Sampha representing the male aspect and Jessie Ware, Roses Gabor and Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon representing the female side.

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