Naked-For-Pay Teenage Mother Farrah Abraham Teaches a Valuable Lesson on Depression

Farrah Abraham sex tapeForget that incredibly meaningful and touching blog post by Allie Brosh about detachment! Porn sex tape star Farrah Abraham also knows a thing or two about depression.

“I have no relationships and I’m like, sad sometimes. So, taking all that into consideration, which some find it hard to, that’s what brought me here today,” she told Entertainment Tonight after being asked why she made a porno sex tape. “I felt this was my way of embracing my sexuality and being happy for me.”

She continued to say that she only took meetings with adult entertainment companies and released the porn tape herself because she was afraid the porn star she hired to bone her on camera (James Deen) was going to leak it without her permission.

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Michael Jackson’s Son is Going to be a Big Television Star

Prince Michael JacksonSoooo Michael Jackson’s 16-year-old son Prince just got a job with Entertainment Tonight, which is totally more prestigious than (but just as non-important as) Extra. Both shows hire weirdly interesting c-list, Surreal Life-worthy celebrities like Holly Madison and Robin Leach.

During his first gig interviewing Oz the Great and Powerful‘s James Franco, Sam Raimi and scrub Zach Braff, we learn that MJ Jr. has a pretty deep voice. Some fellow ET employee woman told him he seemed wise for his age and he grabbed his crotch, lit his hair on fire and screamed “Ehhh-heee” said it was all thanks to his dad.  Continue reading “Michael Jackson’s Son is Going to be a Big Television Star”

Macaulay Culkin Looks Really Sick, But Isn’t

Watching your favorite child stars age before your eyes is painful. while many actually have success and are well-rounded individuals (Drew Barrymore, Anna Paquin, Elijah Wood) we seem to only notice the really fucked up ones, like Macaulay Culkin.

Culkin, perhaps the biggest child star of all time, was never the epitome of aesthetic health after age, ummm, 1994, when he abruptly stopped making movies. (Probably too busy being whipped by his father for growing pubes)

The Home Alone star was spotted in NYC in “exclusive” pictures obtained by ET looking like, well, blond Michael Jackson. Fortunately his reps have his back.

“Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health. For Entertainment Tonight or any other media to speculate otherwise is thoughtless, irresponsible and destructive.” Continue reading “Macaulay Culkin Looks Really Sick, But Isn’t”