Video: Big Boi – “Apple Of My Eye” Feat. Jake Troth

Free Outkast-related moment of shamelessness… I love the new Big Boi album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. I especially love all the songs with Phantogram and the one with Wavves…

I also think it’s amazing that Epic Meal Time baconator Harley Morenstein is randomly in this video.

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Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [11-22-12]

Epic Meal Time guys visit soup kitchen for “Thanksgiving care package.” (Daily Dot)

Blossom star Mayim Bialik divorces husband of nine years. (Jezebel)

Jackson Rathbone loves ketchup so much he got a bottle of it tattooed on his leg. (Celebuzz)

I’m thankful for family, friends and Black Friday video game deals. What else? (Kotaku)

Lady Gaga envious of Snoop Lion, gets dreadlocks. (ohmyGAHH!)

If you don’t have a turkey, use chicken. Oppan MacGyver style. (Deadspin)

Alec Baldwin loves his dog more than his wife or children. Plus, Emmy Rossum‘s hat. (E! Online)