The Time Shia LeBeouf Dropped Acid and Asked Evan Rachel Wood For Acting Tips

Evan Rachel Wood Shia LeBeouf SundanceDuring an interview with MTV at Sundance, Shia LeBeouf sat with his Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman co-star Evan Rachel Wood and talked about how he prepared for his role as a young American man who travels to Romania because the spirit of his recently deceased mother tells him to. In the sit-down, LeBeouf praises Evan’s acting and talks about the time he dropped acid in real-life so he’d know how to act it out in the film.

“There’s a technique that Evan has that I don’t know yet. When I was 10 and she was 10 I was in [inaudible] pie fights. When I was 13 she was in Thirteen. I’ve always looked up to Evan,” he told a reporter in Park City, UT.

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Evan Rachel Wood For Flaunt Magazine

Evan Rachel Wood, who got her break in the independent drama/parental horror movie Thirteen with Nikki Reed, covers the 13th anniversary of Flaunt Magazine baring skin from both the front and back, and I don’t mean pages.

Matthew Bedard follows Wood as she visits a psychic, Madame Paulina, who tells her with little insight that she and her partner (Jamie Bell) must “discover balance and not be overwhelmed by each other’s successes.” It’s Rachel’s remarks, and not the sideshow witch’s that are truly intelligent.

“I don’t want to be ruled by fear, I think fear and guilt are man’s greatest enemy. One thing I do get a lot is people telling me I’m fearless, and I hope so, because I never want anything to keep me from doing what I feel is right.”

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Evan Rachel Wood Has 150 Degree Bieber Fever

Renowned/respected actress Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen, The Wrestler) has been professing her love for Justin Bieber left and right these past few weeks. She says after she went to see Never Say Never as a joke she found herself afflicted with a highly contagious disease: Bieb Fev.

She sang “U Smile” for karaoke once and then burst out into an impressive rendition of “Baby” on Jimmy Fallon while promoting The Ides Of March. (We all know this is a perfect song for a woman to cover)…

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