Sharapova Calls Serena Williams a Homewrecker

Serena Williams Maria Sharpova rivalryToday during a Wimbledon press conference, tennis pro Maria Sharapova responded to seething comments Serena Williams made about her in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Besides minimizing a rape victim’s plight and then denying it later (her exact words on the 16-year-old Steubenville victim were “why was she that drunk where she doesn’t remember?”), Williams talked about an anonymous fellow female player who is is boring and uncool because she starts every sentence with “I’m so happy, I’m so lucky.”

Yeah, that’s definitely Sharapova. God forbid she be cheery and not tell line judges to shove balls down their throats or constantly remind reporters (a.k.a. the world) that nobody can defeat her but herself.

Williams also made mention of the player’s boyfriend having a “black heart.” Talk about glass houses. Let me break it down. Serena is mad because Sharapova is dating her ex, Grigor Dimitrov.  Continue reading “Sharapova Calls Serena Williams a Homewrecker”

Vanessa Hudgens Sings About ‘Pretty Pretty Packages’

Vanessa Hudgens YLAProfessional Zac Efron merkin Vanessa Hudgens has a new single to go along with her bikini movie. In “$$$ex,” her first song since 2009, Hudgens reminds us what we were missing.

“Can you feel my hot sex, heart stop beating,” sounds suspiciously like “can you feel my heart sex.” (Because who’s going to choose a vag when you could just pummel the four valves?)

Favorite lyric #2: “Pretty pretty packages all in a row, sugar snap firecrack tied up in a bow.”

Favorite lyric #3: “Fifty in his pocket, a condom in his wallet, he’s not gonna sleep tonight.”

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Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy and Current Main Squeeze Hospitalized After Fist Fight

Thanksgiving drama at the Berry home. Halle Berry‘s fiance Olivier Martinez and ex Gabriel Aubry got into a brawl after Aubrey dropped his daughter off with her actress mother on Thursday morning.

Current French actor beau Olivier, 46,  said something (“We have to move on?”) to set off former model boytoy Gabriel, 10 years younger, who proceeded to punch Olivier in the face.

After rolling around on the ground for a while, both guys were taken to the hospital, Martinez for a neck and hand injury and Aubry (arrested for misdemeanor battery) for face contusions, head injuries and a broken rib.  Continue reading “Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy and Current Main Squeeze Hospitalized After Fist Fight”

Emma Stone’s Ex Waiting for Right Moment to Release Sex Tape

Radar Online is reporting that an old flame of Emma Stone‘s has a sex tape but isn’t shopping it around yet because she isn’t quite famous enough.

A source says, “The tape remains in the hands of the person she made it with. But that doesn’t mean there’s any guarantee that it won’t eventually hit the market. The higher Emma’s star rises, the more valuable that tape becomes.”

Nobody has actually seen this mysterious footage and Radar’s source saying “Emma Stone has a sex tape and that’s a fact” hardly makes it true. Regardless, Stone’s comparisons to Lucille Ball can be applied here.  Continue reading “Emma Stone’s Ex Waiting for Right Moment to Release Sex Tape”

Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Is About Jake Gyllenhaal

You can’t step into the mall, get a Subway sandwich, or go to the grocery store without hearing Taylor Swift‘s latest breakup anthem “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” It’s horrible yet catchy in that Avril-Lavigne-circa-2002 kind of way.

Swifty may have accidentally let it slip that the song, co-written by Britney/Katy go-to guy Max Martin, is about Jake Gyllenhaal, who dumped her in December 2010.

After performing the hit at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas she yelled “Jake, it’s your turn!”  Not exactly solid evidence, but it seems like more than a clue.  Continue reading “Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Is About Jake Gyllenhaal”

Taylor Swift’s Exes Still Go To Her Concerts

Taylor Swift must be even more classy and magnetizing than we all thought, because both Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas have been spotted at her concerts lately.

Joe was actually at two different Swifty concerts in L.A., once on August 28 (Sunday) after he showed his grizzly face at the VMAs and then again on September 1.

She also gave a shout-out before her song “Back To December” to her ex Taylor Lautner, who was also in the audience with Joe Jonas, on Sunday the 28th!

She even gave Taylor Jacob Wolfpants Lautner a hug after the show! (below)

Guess who else was there? Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal’s ex. (Who Taylor ALSO dated)

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Gavin DeGraw Could NEVER Date This Girl

So I’m sitting on my couch watching Jump Start on VH1 at 3:30 a.m. and some new Gavin DeGraw video pops up, first off, I didn’t know he was even still alive let alone releasing new music? I remember hearing his song “I Don’t Want To Be” and “Chariot” over and over and over in 2005, so naturally I was rather happy when his bizarre fedora-obsessed ass disappeared off the face of the earth. (He’s like Train, but worse)

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