Crowned White Walker From Last Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Was Once a Stark Named Bran?

Night's King Game of Thrones walkerAn HBO GO employee accidentally spoiled that baby-stealing white walker as being a legendary figure in Game of Thrones lore in a summary of the “Oathkeeper” episode, and his story is quite interesting.

Known as the Night’s King in the books, the walker was once a Commander of the Night’s Watch, and according to Old Nan in a Storm of Swords, a former Stark who shared not only bloodlines with Bran, but also a name.

The Night’s King lost himself over a woman with ice-cold skin and bright blue eyes and was taken down by rulers of Westeros (including his own brother) after committing “horrific atrocities” that included sacrificing to the walkers.

While Old Nan probably made him a Stark with the same name to scare children embellish the story, this has fans wondering how the legend of the Night’s King ties in with Bran’s current storyline.  Continue reading “Crowned White Walker From Last Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Was Once a Stark Named Bran?”

WATCH: ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ Extended Trailer

My description of the new Hobbit trailer is worse than my retelling of events in Syria (“bad guys” and “boom” over and over), but Dwarves are like, DIS MINE and then the dragon is like NOPE and Bilbo puts on the ring and Gandalf rolls his eyes in disapproval because he’s tired of always being right.

Expect lots of sexy beards, Smaug and a bunch of characters that were never actually in the book doing things that they would never do even if they had been.

(Benedict Cumberbatch telling Bilbo to step into the light is admittedly splooge-worthy.)

New Harry Potter Movie Featuring None of the Original Cast Okayed by Warner Bros.

newt scamander illustrationIf I were you ask you if a movie set “in the Harry Potter universe” but without Ron, Harry, Hermione, Snape, the Keebler Elf, Mary Poppins, Looney Toonbad and the gingersnap twins is still a Harry Potter movie, you’d say no, right?

Me too. But Warner Brothers have given the green light to an adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with a screenplay by the author, J.K. needs-no-introduction Rowling.

The film, which takes place in New York 70 years before Harry and friends, will feature magizoologist/author Newt Scamander.

“Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for seventeen years, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world,” Rowling said in a statement.

If you’re looking for a premise, Scamander had many adventures with winged and horned creatures between working at the Ministry of Magic and writing, eventually moving on to a prestigious job as headmaster of Hogwarts, according to Harry Potter Wiki.  Continue reading “New Harry Potter Movie Featuring None of the Original Cast Okayed by Warner Bros.”

Sorry HBO, the Book Version of the Iron Throne is SO MUCH Bigger and Badder

iron throne book drawing The third season of Game of Thrones may have just wrapped, but HBO and author George R.R. Martin have no plans of slowing down the series (except for that whole taking forever to write book 6 and 7 thing).

While Martin has always been involved in the wildly successful onscreen version, he recently took to his blog to express a bit of disappointment in the Iron Throne used in the show.

Martin said that while the HBO throne has a “terrific design” and is “iconic,” it just isn’t what he imagined. In fact, it’s at least six times smaller and way less full o’ swords. From

It’s not the Iron Throne I see when I’m working on THE WINDS OF WINTER. It’s not the Iron Throne I want my readers to see. The way the throne is described in the books… HUGE, hulking, black and twisted, with the steep iron stairs in front, the high seat from which the king looks DOWN on everyone in the court… my throne is a hunched beast looming over the throne room, ugly and assymetric…

Continue reading “Sorry HBO, the Book Version of the Iron Throne is SO MUCH Bigger and Badder”

‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Seeks Robb Stark Look-Alike for Iron Throne Rubdown

Richard MaddenA 25-year-old woman from New Orleans is my new hero for creating a Craigslist ad describing an elaborate fantasy set in the world created by George R.R. Martin in A Game of Thrones.

In the post, filed under Casual Encounters, the Louisiana native describes a scenario where she is Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Dragons (Emilia Clarke) and her lover is Robb Stark (Richard Madden).

After arriving at King’s Landing and slaying Starks, Lannisters and all those who oppose her, Khaleesi takes pity on the eldest Stark son, throwing him in the dungeon instead of putting his pretty head on a pike.

The woman, proud owner of a replica of the Iron Throne from the show, brings the Robb look-alike out of his cell and makes “wild and passionate love with him, repeatedly” on top of it. From CL:

Please only respond to this post if you look like Robb Stark! I would appreciate pictures, but please, no names. In order to stay as true to the fantasy as possible, I ONLY want you to refer to yourself as Robb Stark. You will need to provide your own clothing.  Continue reading “‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Seeks Robb Stark Look-Alike for Iron Throne Rubdown”

People Don’t Like To Pirate Realistic Movies

The top ten most pirated BitTorrent movies list has been revealed and eight of the ten movies fall under the sci-fi or fantasy category, proving that besides Jersey Shore, reality is a drag.

Avatar, The Dark Knight and the original Transformers topped the list, no surprise, while The Departed and Kick-Ass shockingly inched their way in. Swedish Pirates Of The Torrent Cam: At Wit’s End also made it, at the coveted lowest position.

Here is the list…

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