Blue Ivy and Jay-Z Can’t Keep Beyonce Away From The Thong Drawer

Beyonce gq cover 2013Beyonce seems to have found the get-up she’s wearing on the cover of GQ’s February 2013 issue while rummaging through old boxes of Destiny’s Child props. It’s nice to see her back, doing her thing (making everyone look bad).

Mrs. Z, who gave birth to that talking vine from The Ruins exactly a year ago, is representing “The 100 Sexiest Women of the Century” in a leopard print thong, gold chain and cropped bottom-boob exposing vintage football shirt.

I really hope they let her throw out the first pass of the game for Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. Or run the ball back, or kick a field goal in six-inch heels (if you can dance in them, you can kick in them).

Keep your eyes peeled for “hotter” pictures of Beyonce next Tuesday, the day GQ releases the full interview and interior photo spread shot by Terry “Wear My Glasses” Richardson.  Continue reading “Blue Ivy and Jay-Z Can’t Keep Beyonce Away From The Thong Drawer”

Snooki’s Monthly Twitter Summary February

Oh Snooki how I’ve missed you. I keep forgetting to fix my DVR settings and tape Jersey Shore, last I saw she was peeing on the floor of some club and unabashedly talking UTIs.

Today I spent some time scrolling through her Twitter, a task that I do not consider a chore. I will now attempt to teach you all the things I learned. But where do I start? How about where I left off.

Though she has three cats her favorite by far is the orange tabby, Rocky, whom she would “die for” and refers to as her “boyfriend.” The other two, Vito and Tommy, are also never far from her NY side.

She watched the Super Bowl with Jwoww, sporting matching Giants Jerseys even though she admits to being more of a baseball/Mets fan because of her grandfather.  Continue reading “Snooki’s Monthly Twitter Summary February”

Taylor Swift For Vogue, February 2012

After blurry, obscured photos of Taylor Swift’s Vogue cover emerged, you know the kind where some miscreant in the industry held their camera phone over it and anonymously sent it out. Same situation with Lindsay’s Playboy cover, remember?

None of that matters now because I can hardly believe people couldn’t just wait till the real cover came out, and it did a few days later along with the entire spread.

Yeeeeehaaaaw, this shoot makes me think that Vogue should be individualized per state. This, for instance is Vogue Alabama circa 1977, bathrobe caught in lawnmower? Check. Floppy hat? Check. Heartache? Check.

She tells Jonathan Van Meter, “I think I am smart unless I am really, really in love, and then I am ridiculously stupid…There’s just been this earth-shattering, not recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak.”

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Charlize Theron & Brad Pitt For W Magazine February 2012

Charlize Theron shares cover duty with Brad Pitt for next month’s “Best Performance” issue of W. They are both known for dramatic roles that sometimes glisten with humor, like Theron in Young Adult or Pitt in Inglourious Basterds or Moneyball. The interviews mirror that acting style, like the moment when Charlize brings up having no teeth as a child in South Africa.“For the first eight years of my life, I didn’t have front teeth. I was pretty sick as an infant, and antibiotics rotted them. But then I started to take dance classes, and I eventually got some teeth [laughs]. When I was 16, I went to Milan to model.”

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