Many Will Die As Octomom’s Music Comes Alive

I don’t know why people are so negative about Nadya Suleman‘s music career. Don’t you need to start with positivity, to be let down?

TMZ released a clip of her new single “Sexy Party,” which begs the question, what would a sexy party with Octomom even be?

It seems like instead of a potluck, she’d have you bring Tupperware containers full of sperm. Then she’d make everyone take turns babysitting while she went into the other room with the turkey baster, yelling through the door at you about bankruptcy.

For a woman who has “zero sexual interest” she sure does a lot of sex-related things. Riding Stern’s Sybian, stripping, masturbation porn, singing Ke$ha-style songs about sexy parties.  Continue reading “Many Will Die As Octomom’s Music Comes Alive”