Miguel Fell on a Girl at the Billboard Music Awards [GIF & VIDEO]

Miguel fell off stageHave you heard of this kid, Miguel? I guess I shouldn’t call him a kid because we’re the same age. He won a Grammy for the song “Adorn.” He makes “intellectual” R&B (cringe) like Frank Ocean.

If we’re going screechy, I’d rather listen to MJ, Prince, Cee Lo or Bruno Mars. Snobbery aside, Miguel fell on a girl or two at the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas on Sunday.

I can only assume he didn’t intend to scissor-kick/nutcrack some poor woman’s head, but is it impressive or douchey that he didn’t stop singing after he gifted her with a potential vicodin addiction for neck cramps?

Miguel actually has a history of falling off the stage. (Previous locations include London and New Jersey.)
Miguel falls off stage
The second best part of the Billboard Music Awards (which I didn’t watch because of GoT) was probably when Kid Rock verbally bitchslapped all the lip-syncing pop stars.  Click for other Billboard news…