Get Ready for a Female Thor and a Black Captain America

female thor black captain americaEvery year at Comic-Con we see bundles of gender and race-flipped superheroes, and now, to delight of cosplayers everywhere, female Thor and black Captain America are a reality in the Marvel universe.

Steve Rogers is passing his shield to Sam Wilson a.k.a Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie in The Winter Soldier) and Thor’s hammer is being picked up by a woman.

Introduced in 1969, Falcon was the second mainstream black superhero ever after Black Panther in 1966, and the first to hail from the U.S. As for Thor, we’ll have to wait until October to find out about the mysterious woman who takes the place of the original and what he did to no longer be worthy of the title.  Continue reading “Get Ready for a Female Thor and a Black Captain America”

Brad Pitt Gets Punched, Angelina Jolie’s Claws Stay Retracted

Brad Pitt was punched in the face at the Los Angeles premiere of Maleficent (which is, let’s face it, Snow White and the Huntsman with a different cast) and his real-life evil wife did nothing to stop it.

Angelina Jolie was reportedly “busy signing autographs in another section” when the attacker jumped over a barrier and lunged at Pitt, but I believe she hired the man to punch her husband so other women would find him less desirable even though most of us haven’t desired him since Troy. (Ten years ago? Eek, I feel old.)

The assailant is notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk, the very same who kissed Will Smith at the Men in Black III premiere and stole Adele’s award at the 2013 Grammys.

Somewhere, Jennifer Aniston is rejoicing…  Continue reading “Brad Pitt Gets Punched, Angelina Jolie’s Claws Stay Retracted”

How Will Gwen Stefani Match up Against Other ‘Voice’ Judges?

I’ve been watching a lot of Gwen Stefani interviews today to see what exact kind of personality we’re looking at, and so far I’ve learned that she stays in touch with Madonna, once wanted a pet monkey and continues to describe her husband as “hot” years after their wedding.

Like former female The Voice coaches Shakira and Christina Aguilera, Stefani is a super proud blond giver of birth who calls motherhood “the best thing that’s ever happened” in her life.

She’s adorably Californian, knows she’s fabulous, and will likely vibe well with fellow blond beauty/sourpuss Adam Levine and new token-black-guy-judge Pharrell (who is half to blame for the spelling lesson in “Hollaback Girl”). Go ahead and put on an EVEN bigger hat, you’ll still never be Cee Lo.  Continue reading “How Will Gwen Stefani Match up Against Other ‘Voice’ Judges?”

Check Out Carl From The Walking Dead’s Older, Female Stunt Double

Carl female stunt double walking dead
The Talking Dead just taught us that 14-year-old Chandler Riggs, the kid who’s played Carl since the show’s inception in 2010, has a female stunt double named Ashley who, at 31, is 17 years his senior.

Apparently, Riggs outgrew his prior stunt double from seasons 1-3, Savana Jade Wehunt (The Governor’s daughter). In a snippet on growing up on the set, Riggs reveals that the rest of the cast often forgets that he’s a kid, and that his favorite part of filming was being able to wear Rick’s hat (“it keeps the sun out my eyes while I’m shooting”) and burning the crap out of the barn full o’ zombies in season 2.
walking dead stunt doubles season 4
Whoa. Is it just me or is Daryl’s stunt double is a dead ringer for Jack White?  Continue reading “Check Out Carl From The Walking Dead’s Older, Female Stunt Double”

All-Female ‘The Expendables’ In Development, Who Would You Cast?

Adi Shankar (producer of The Grey and The Bitter Bill starring Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum) is working on a version of The Expendables with female action stars instead of dudes who secrete 80’s-scented testosterone.

First Showing took the names out of my head when they mentioned Linda Hamilton, Sigourney Weaver, Milla Jovovich, and Kate Beckinsale as ideal casting choices. I’ve also seen whispers of Haywire‘s Gina Carano, Michelle Yeoh, Ali Larter, Michelle Rodriguez, Lucy Lawless, and Angelina Jolie.

My choice is Swedish GWTDT/Prometheus star Noomi Rapace (in a perfect world, Rooney Mara AND Noomi Rapace). Who’s on your ideal list of all-star lady action stars?  Continue reading “All-Female ‘The Expendables’ In Development, Who Would You Cast?”

Is Brittney Griner A Juwanna Mann, Or Am I Just An Asshole?

I’m not trying to incite a riot or sound like a finger-pointing antichrist but I think one of the players currently competing in the NCAA women’s basketball semi-finals is a man.

It’s just hard to get it out of my head. Like whenever I hear Mary Carillo doing tennis commentary on ESPN. I think she has the tendency to sound like she swallowed testosterone patties. Erm, anyway…

Brittney Griner is one of the few female basketball players who frequently dunks. She plays for the Baylor Bears in Texas and is exactly 6’8.” She also wears a men’s size 18 shoe, has nine-inch hands and a wingspan of over 7 feet.  Continue reading “Is Brittney Griner A Juwanna Mann, Or Am I Just An Asshole?”

Ryan Gosling Admits To Total Femininity

In an interview with Ryan Gosling for The Independent, many fascinating topics were covered including his ballet skills, child/woman hood and new movie, The Ides Of March. Here are the two highlights:

“I think like a girl, I think. I was literally raised by my mother and my sister. And I just feel like I wouldn’t know how to think any other way. My sister was my best friend and my hero growing up. Because I was home-schooled I didn’t have a lot of friends and I did ballet, which was always just girls. All of that had an effect on my brain.” 

Continue reading “Ryan Gosling Admits To Total Femininity”

Beyonce’s Loudmouth Friend Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

The sex of Beyonce’s fetus diva has officially been disclosed! This top secret information comes to us via – DUN DUN DUN – a close personal friend of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Why are people’s “close friends” always giving the press spoilers and handing out top secret information as if it were poisoned candy corn on All Hallow’s Eve?

Either they’re not their real friends or they’re starved for cash because their famous acquaintances hoard cash in a room the size of Madonna’s organic food cupboard, errr house.

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tUnE-yArDs – w h o k i l l Album Review

Merrill Garbus, Connecticut-native and creator of tUnE-yArDs, has spawned one of the top five indie albums of the year. She is in a distinct league, as 2011 has been a good year for emerging bands of this nature, spawning Foster The People, The Vaccines, YUCK and a new album from Smith Westerns, Garbus contends on this level. Her latest and second album under the tUnE-yArDs moniker, w h o k i l l, is more linear than her lo-fi freshman effort, Bird-Brains, though I hate to use a word that refers to straight lines when describing the tUnE-yArDs sound.

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