Christina Aguilera Turns Technicolored Tricks in New “Your Body” Video

I gotta say, X-tina looks good in the new vid. She hid the weight Oprah-style with face contour, dishonest lighting, and triple-layer Spanx.

The opening “No men were harmed” warning label shows she maintained her consistentfeminist” music video theme: Dominance over men while dressed as RuPaul as possible. This video is no exception.

First we see Christina the hitchhiker. To be honest, I don’t know many men who would make out with a roadside stranger who is wearing THAT MANY ACCESSORIES AND NO PANTS. It just doesn’t make sense, it can only end in pink fumes.  Continue reading “Christina Aguilera Turns Technicolored Tricks in New “Your Body” Video”

Next Britney Spears Single Revealed?

There’s at least a possibility that “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” may be the next single off Britney Spears’s electrozexfest Femme Fatale. It was speculated to be a single along with “Inside Out” back in August but instead we saw that crapfest “Criminal” receive the video treatment.

In a cryptic Tweet, Spears posted a video link to a video featuring Sabi doing the “rap” for “(Drop) Dead Beautiful,” posted on the 14th. Maybe I’m digging for lost gold but I take it as a possible hint. And she better not put her real life boyfriend in her next video, whatever it may be.

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Britney Spears “Criminal” Video Details

Okay by details I really just mean that it’s going to be filmed in England, since she’s already going to be there for the European leg of her tour.

But if you’ve heard Femme Fatale you’ve got to be wondering why “Criminal” is the next single? Seems like it would be a number of things, just not that.

“Trouble For Me,” “Up n’ Down,” or “Drop Dead Beautiful” seem like viable options. “Criminal” is just kind of a fun whistling romp of a renaissance fair.

Canadian Britney Spears Concert DVD, Coming Your Way

The resurged princess of pop, flip flops, jean shorts and sausages has a Femme Fatale concert DVD coming out!

The weird thing is, it’s being filmed in Canada in Toronto, Ontario and released through EpixHD, a relatively unheard of company.

Epix is, from what I can tell, a copycat Netflix company who partner with Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount to stream instant movies from their website or on your TV with certain devices and a membership.

Britney tweeted on August 12th:

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