Monica Bellucci For FHM China

Monica Belluci may be recognized for her roles in Irreversible and The Matrix Reloaded but she was also a model who did many high fashion spreads early in her career.

Originally she modeled on the side while attending University then posed for French Elle and many others until the 90s when she began leaning towards acting.

Now that she’s older and semi-established (not to mention French) she can get away with posing for FHM China, which I didn’t even know existed, but I’m not necessarily surprised.

Blogging has opened my eyes to the fact that there is an international edition of nearly every major magazine you can think of.  This issue of FHM China November 2011 reminds us that at age 50, not everyone’s face has to look like a topographic map of the Himalayas.

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Paris Hilton Made Over A Billion Dollars On Perfume Alone

“Jealousy” is not just a song by Paris Hilton, it’s an emotion that comes up when you hear how much money she makes. Besides being a billionaire heiress with just her family’s hotel money, Paris told FHM UK that her fragrances alone have produced more than $1.3 billion since 2005.

What else is new with Paris? She has brown hair. Way more shocking than the wages she garnished from scentless slaves in China. She also revealed to FHM UK that “British guys are really different to the guys in America.” She must have noticed their accents and lack of circumcisions and a non-compact fluorescent bulb went off.

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Dear Olivia Munn, You’re Not A Nerd Anymore

Olivia Munn is an interesting person in show business right now. “Interesting” because it’s hard to know whether to hate or love her. The freckled, charismatic former co-host of Attack Of The Show who went on to write a NY Times Bestseller  and star in her own (now cancelled) TV show.

She’s generally considered beautiful yet loves Star Wars and Trek, attends Comic-Con, and enjoys comic books and video games. Just, let’s get one thing straight, when you become famous and grace the covers of men’s magazines, you are no longer a “nerd.” Definition:

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